Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Each One A Unique Blessing

Today is our third daughter's birthday!  Happy 8th Birthday, Mary Faye!  It amazes me that God can make children from the same two parents and they can each be unique!  Being third many times people compare Mary to her other sisters, but Mary has shown from day one that she would fill her own special place in our family!

Aunt Angie holding Mary just a few days old!  Cousin Eric has Sarah and Mamaw Atkins has Hannah.
Missed getting year 2004 picture but here is Mary in 2005 at the age of nearly 3.

Here we are painting a computer dest Daddy made.  Do you see how short Mary's hair is?  She climed up on the desk in the school room to get the scissors and cut her own hair.  Had to shorten it all up!  I am always telling her she needs to channel her love for cutting hair and arranging hair and become a beautician!

This is a video of the girls singing Jesus Loves Me.  Poor quality but soooooo sweet!  (I am not sure why it is on their twice but I am afraid I'll lose both if I try to delete one.)

At Fanning Springs for Mary's birthday celebration in 2007!

Here is Mary posing with a present at her party in 2008!

Again we were very busy in 2009 but here she is riding her bike in 2010!
In October 2010 we vacationed in Florida with our church family and dear Sonia gave the girls a special surprise!  Mary has always loved horses so she was so thrilled this day!

Here Mary was given the camera to take some pictures.  You can see she has learned from Hannah and is taking some creative poses!
Say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

More silliness!

These girls are big buddies, current roommates and happy playmates!

Dear Mary, we love you so much and are so thankful God gave us another girl!  We pray that you will have your new heart from Jesus very soon!  Love, Mommy and Daddy