Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Memories

The girls wanted to camp out in the yard tonight.  We might have considered it if it were a bit warmer, but it is a little chilly right now.  The girls then asked if they could have another "sleepover" tonight.  Since we are winding down our official summer, I want them to have some extra fun!  I suggested they "camp" in the guest room (AKA Papa Jim's room).

Here is the tent of many colors! They used various blankets for this tent.  Each girl has her own section underneath.  The blankets are held up with books or purses or the lids to the laundry hamper (the black thing on the corner of the desk).  It will be very interesting to see if they actually end up with this up all night.

Here they are playing salon before lights out.  They styled hair for each other and they put on lotion and lip gloss. These are the only beauty items they are allowed to have right now.  Finger nail polish has been banned for a while, even if it is very light in color.

Hannah was more interested in reading her book, but she does plan to join the sleeping party at lights out time.

The girls don't often have sleep-overs elsewhere because I like having them home, and it is kind of nice to just have my own, because if things get out of hand, I can simply send them all to their normal beds! LOL

I am pretty sure they will remember times like these for several reasons.  First, because I have documented it here! :)  Second, because they remember many things I forget that we have done! Third, because I still remember doing things like this. I remember one time we had the youth group over to spend the night.  I remember vividly that my BF and I slept under our dinning room table that night!  I also remember one time Mom let us sleep on the porch.  I don't really remember why she let us, but I remember thinking it was very special! :)

Even doing small things with your family can turn in to special memories.  For example, we drove home from a two-day trip to Culpeper today.  As we were leaving, Alpheus announced that in honor of flag day, which was actually the day before, we would count the flags as we drove home.  Then he asked everyone to guess how many flags we might see driving home.  The one closest to the correct number would have the privilege of selecting the ice cream flavor that we would have for dessert at home.  I am sure the girls will always remember "that time we counted the flags and Lydia won the closest guess contest."  These unique moments will come back as sweet memories when the girls are grown.  (By the way, in case you were wondering, we counted 122 American flags in that 3.5 hour trip.) 

Thank you God for the sweet simple treasures in life!

With All My Heart~

Update: They did make it through the night, all of them, and they "loved" it.   


  1. I don't remember that particular sleepover, but that was probably the only place we could try to have a little privacy and some girl talk! Emily just had a sleepover with 2 friends (# that I could handle!)last weekend. One was her BF, and they stayed awake later than I thought talking (I found out the next morning)!

  2. LOL Karen, I wondered if you would remember. I think I remembered because it just felt so strange to be under the dining room table! LOL Lydia an Hannah were asleep by midnight, but Sarah and Mary made it until 12:30AM. I didn't let them have a lot of sugar so that probably helped! Also I am sure it is more exciting to stay up with friends, than your sisters who you see all the time! LOL

  3. Well, I did get some time to check these out! How cool for the girls. I miss their sleep over times here! :( Loved the flag game. I guess Lydia picked strawberry! :)

  4. You are right Grandmom! Lydia wanted strawberry. Daddy got chocolate chip cookie dough too because none of the rest of the girls really like strawberry. :)

  5. Daddy is so thoughtful! I am sure the other girls appreciated another flavor! I really like strawberry, too! :) Actually, I don't care much for the cookie dough flavor so I would have picked strawberry!


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