Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Changes Update

I mentioned back in January that there would be some changes in my life and our home for 2012. 

I have wanted to be more committed to reading my Bible in the morning.  My morning devotions have been so helpful.  Having the time to pray and talk with God before I start my day is so important.  I have to admit that the last couple of years, I have enjoyed sleeping in until the girls were awake.  Then it is just too difficult to have quiet time.  We pray and study the Bible together, but it isn't the same as private prayer and study time.  I am so thankful to be developing the habit of getting up early. 

Another change I mentioned was going back to work.  Most of you know that I have been working as a substitute teacher for Montgomery County.  Since I was officially listed last week, I haven't had a day off.  I am thankful for the work, but it has been challenging!  First of all, most of the jobs have come in the morning of, or the night before, and so I am stressed waiting.  Also, the jobs are in grade levels I haven't worked with in the public school.  I am thankful for my experience working with my own children as a homeschool mom since it gives me an idea of the abilities of younger children.  This past week I have worked as a 1st grade teacher in one class, a 3rd grade teacher for 3 different teachers, and a special education teacher working with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders.  This time has really made me appreciate the elementary grade student and I may seek to recertify in elementary, as well as middle, if that is possible.

One of the greatest challenges has been endurance.  For the last ten years I have gotten spoiled for sitting with my children as we did school.  You just can't sit when you need to check the progess of 20 students.  Needless to say I have only made it to the gym one day this week and even then I was pretty low key - no jogging for this tired girl! 

Even greater than the challenge of long hours on my feet, has been the challenge of missing my girls.  For the last 3,650+ days my time was spent with them ALL of the time.  I find myself comparing likenesses and differences between my children and my students.  Also I find myself mentioning my girls quite a bit!  Today one student was amazed that I had four children.  He said, "My mom would think that is too many!"  I told him that for some people that may be true, but not for me!  I love coming home and getting welcome hugs from the girls. :)

This new schedule has certainly made home schooling different.  I try to give the girls all my attention after I return home before they go to bed.  It is hard because I am so tired, but it is so worth it.  I still need to hear about each ones day and listen to their narrations of their readings, or answer questions about math problems that stumped them, or just enjoy as we go to the park to fly kites!

Yes, literally we flew kites.  Today, after I got home from PS, I changed clothes and took the girls to the park.  It was still in the the upper 50's and quite windy.  I was tired, but I had promised the girls that we would go.  I didn't want to fool with the kites, but they had been waiting for a windy, and not rainy day, like today.  I knew that I needed to do this with them.  Not that I have to give in and do anything they ask, out of guilt for being gone all day.  But I did need to not let my selfish desires (for a nap, mostly) disappoint them.  They had worked hard also. 

So we are all adjusting and thankfully it is going pretty well.  Again, I am SO thankful to Rose.  We could not do this without her and she is doing a great job!

As for the challenge to lose weight. I lost TWO pounds this week! WooHoo! :)  I am not drinking the water I want, because I can't just run to the bathroom anytime at school, but I have kept to my nutrition goals and have fought temptations of being stressed and wanting to use food for comfort!

I am thankful for the changes and how everyone has been able to handle it so far.  I trust God to continue to lead us through this year!

With All My Heart~

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eva's Biggest Loser Year: Week 8


  • drink 60 oz of water daily (all but one day)
  • continue to record nutrition goals (I did)
  • for exercise I plan to do the gym plan from before 3 times per week and also the Jillian Shred 2 times a week. I don't think I can handle it daily right now. (I did!  I am even able to jog/run farther around the track!)
  • bed at 11:30PM and waking up at 7:30AM  (fail again on going to bed consistently, but I am going to keep working on it!)

  •  Another pound down this week.  I was really hoping to lose more.  I have been very faithful to my eating plan, and I am doing more exercise than before.  I can only say that either my metabolism is so slow it doesn't matter what I do, or maybe I am building muscle which weighs more than fat. 

    Either way I can't be too disappointed.  I am losing and I am controling my food instead of giving in to temptation.  I went through my closet last night preparing for more out of the home work.  I was able to wear a couple of things that had been to small and am closer to other things.  I probably should do that at least once a week.  It really reminds me to keep going!  I have one dress that I haven't worn since Sarah was an infant.  I can't wait to get back in that dress! I will definitely post a picture when I fit that dress!

    I also had a major success today.  We took the girls to ChuckECheese for Lydia and Mary's birthdays.  I wanted the pizza so bad.  It smelled sooooo good.  I ate the topping but not the bread part.  Mine was supreme so it had some yummy veggies and meat!  I also had no cake.  I was running the video camera and that helped. LOL 

    Goals for this week:
    • work on bedtimes again
    • try to run the mile in 14min. 
    • Jillian Shred 3 days this week
    • 65 oz. of water daily
    This week may be harder than previous.  I am hoping to be doing some substitute teaching and will need to be prepared to take lunch/snacks with me!  Carrying my water bottle helps!

    I know that one of my partners lost 2 pounds this week!  Kudos to Leah for reaching 5lbs. lost!  Please be praying for her as she has surgery on the 6th.

    Kena and LeeAnn, let us know how you are doing!  Do you like the new tickers I made for you?  If you don't, I can change them! :)

    Keeping the other ladies that I know are trying to eat healthier and lose weight in my prayers!

    With All My Heart~