Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Memories

One of my fondest memories of Christmas are the plays that we put on at our small church.  I can remember that the first solo I ever sang for a Christmas play was the second verse of Away in a Manger.  My girls have known that song since birth because I have always loved that hymn and sing it at bedtime year round.  I have been privileged to direct and assist with many Christmas plays as a young adult and pastor's wife.  It has been even more sweet seeing my own children participate in these.  I am so thankful for video and good friends who will take video for me to watch of the play later!  This past Sunday our church kids did a wonderful job portraying the birth of the Savior!  We were so proud of them!  Here are some pictures. 

The angels singing Away in a Manger as Mary and Joseph enter.

The shepherds have found the baby.

King Herod and a priest discussing the star and the promised Messiah.

 After the play we caught a better picture of Mary (Sarah) and Joseph (Trevor).

Lydia was not in the play, but she couldn't resist coming up during picture time.  You can see she is taking pictures.  This was her job since she couldn't be in the play.  Haven't looked at those yet.  Don't ask me what Mary was doing???  I will say this, about a minute after this she squeezed the bulb so tightly it broke in her hand.  Thankfully the plastic pieces didn't cut her. (Mary, Cheyenne and River)

Hannah posing again with Issiac.

Our shepherds who did a great job!  Ariana, Destiny, Kavon, and Kimber.

I pray that these will become special Christmas memories for these precious children!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Double the Blessing

Ten years ago today God blessed us with our second baby girl.  Hannah was just a few days over 1 when Sarah joined us.  We didn't know until she was born if we were having a boy or girl.  We were a bit surprised when it was another girl, but not disappointed.  Who could be disappointed when handed such a precious and sweet baby?  Sarah looked so much like her sister at birth, and many people still ask if they are twins.  I tease that they are as close as I can get to having twins! Our doctor was actually a bit upset that we had them so close together and we had some complications at the beginning of the pregnancy, but God spared her and we were so thankful.

Sarah is a quiet and thoughtful girl.  We tease her for being inevitably the last one to finish anything: eating, getting ready to go somewhere, and such, but she is the first to think of a kind thing to say or do.  She loves to show her affection for others and is an encourager and faithful friend.  She loves to sing and read and write.  She is also our little fish in the water.  She sinks like a rock, so she learned first to swim under water! 

Sarah is a thinker and pays such close attention to the words of others. I think that is why God opened her heart to His Word at such an early age.  "Be still and know that I am God."  Psalm 46:10  We are so thankful that Sarah has repented and trusts Jesus as her Savior! We look forward to discipling her in the years to come.

Though more serious in general she is not unknown to be a bit silly too!

She may be the last to finish but she does her best!

 Baptism day!

Opening an early birthday present. 

Sarah is often taking pictures, but at this party Todd caught a quick picture of our shutterbug.

Helping her baby sister at the bowling alley!

We love you Sarah and look forward to all of God's plans for your future! 
Happy Birthday from Mommy and Daddy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Becoming a Mother

Eleven years ago today God gave me one of the greatest desires of my heart.  He gave me a child.  I thought I became a mother that day, but now, years later, I realize that my role as a mother is constantly changing because my children are constantly growing and changing. Being a mother of a young lady is very different than one of a baby.  Hannah is on the brink of childhood and adulthood.  I am right there with her trying to hang on, but not as tightly; to help, but not as much. I am learning to lead by example more than by holding her hand.  We have come a long way since that first moment when I held her tiny body and wondered at the precious gift God had given to me.  I am not finished with my responsibilities as her mother, but I am learning to see her more as Hannah, her own person, and not my baby Hannah. 

I love that she still enjoys childhood games and toys.  She still enjoys playing with dolls and pretending to be the mommy.  As you can see in the photo in my header, she carries her favorite doll nearly everywhere she goes, if we let her!

She is a wonderful big sister in many ways and such a helper to me too.  I love being her teacher too and seeing her make connections and deductions on her own!  She is very creative; she loves to draw and make up stories.  She will make things from any items she can lay her hands on and she loves to be active!

Here are a few photos she took of herself recently which will show the playful and dramatic side she has!

Teach her to be so silly with my camera! :)

Happy 11th Birthday Hannah!  We love you!  Praying for you to have the greatest gift: a new heart!
Love, Mommy and Daddy