Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eva's Biggest Loser Year: Week 7

So last weeks goals were:
  • drink 80 oz of water each day  (It was more like 50 oz)
  • record food daily to stay within nutrition goals  (I did stay within my goals! )
  • walk/run 1 15min. mile; bike 5 mi.; and walk 2 mi in 25 min.or less  (After walking biking the 5 mi in 15 min. and walk/running 1 mi. in 15 min. I was way too tired to walk another 2 mi!  I did walk 1/2 mi to cool down.  I was able to do this three times this week and I did the Jillian 30-day shred today for the first time.  Very pleased my ankle was able to handle the jumping exercises. ) 
  • go to bed at no later than 11:30PM and get up at 6:30AM  (Half success and half fail.  Boy I am just so out of practice at getting up early.)

I had a good week.  Since avoiding bread and other starchy vegetables for the last couple of weeks, I am really enjoying not feeling hungry all the time.  There has been a delicious sugar filled dessert in our fridge since Sunday and I have not thought about it for days.  As a matter of fact, I only thought about it tonight because I made dinner (not my jurisdiction any more) since Rose was gone to a class! ;)  Now, you might be thinking, well, she doesn't cook anymore so she wouldn't be tempted.  Oh yes I would.  When I am eating bread and starchy veggies like potatoes and corn, I am constantly thinking about eating again.  I could have just eaten an hour before and start thinking about what other items I could eat.  Now, I go much longer without even thinking about food and because I feel better (not bloated and not as tired) so I am keeping this up!  The few times when I am tempted, I have immediately prayed for strength and God has answered!

I am pleased to say that I lost 1 pound which makes my total lost 10 pounds! :)
It doesn't sound like much, but after not losing for two weeks, I was just happy to see a move in the right direction.  I look forward to a greater loss next week as I continue to increase the intensity of workouts. 

I am going to keep the same goals with minor adjustments:
  • drink 60 oz of water daily
  • continue to record nutrition goals
  • for exercise I plan to do the gym plan from before 3 times per week and also the Jillian Shred 2 times a week.  I don't think I can handle it daily right now.
  • bed at 11:30PM and waking up at 7:30AM
Thanks again for praying for me dear friends and sending encouraging messages.  This accountability really does help.  Is there anyone else that wants me to be praying for you?  Any other suggestions about losing weight?  A dear friend was telling me about Dr. Stork (from the Drs. show) who suggests drinking water at certain intervals through the day.  I kind of already did that but I have tried more diligenly to follow the guidelines she mentioned and it has really helped!  Has anyone read his new book?  I am wondering if it would be worth buying.

  I also have two friends that both lost weight this week and am so glad for them!  Are you losing?  Share with me so I can celebrate with you!

With All My Heart~

Friday, February 17, 2012

Eva's Biggest Loser Year: Week 6

Life is such a roller coaster sometimes.  You are going along getting in your workout, recording your food, anticipating weight loss and then suddenly, zoom.... the bottom falls out.  Now you are having kidney stone surgery and interviewing for jobs and life just gets crazy busy with things interferring with your workouts and eating plans.  Last week I gave myself immunity, so that is why you won't see a weekly report for week 5.

As for Week 6 it was Valentines week and I feel that over all I did pretty well.  I didn't lose any more, but at leat I maintained.  I also used greater self-control at the two dinners out and a candy filled kid's party!  I was very pleased with that.  Doing what is good for the long term success, instead of immediate satisfaction, is my definition of self-control.  I thank God for helping me to keep my head and do what I need to do instead of what I want.  The one area this past week where I didn't keep my goal was in exercise.  I was very unmotivated when I had time, which wasn't very often. 

But we enjoyed visits with Mamaw in Culpeper (and all the Atkins crew) and a visit with the Lillydell Short crew!  Those were time well spent and I don't regret them. 

On Thursdays I have been going to the healthy eating/cooking class and we weigh in there as well, so I think I will postpone these updates until Friday from now on.  This way I will only be weighing in once a week.  Ironically our class last night was actually about exercise.  The instructors wanted to take a night to focus on this side of healthy living.  We all felt really motivated and challenged to try some of the exercises and equipment they demonstrated.

So for our first day of the new week, Rose and I added strength training with weights.  We want to eventually get the stretch bands, but this was already handy at home so we used it.  I am so proud of Rose.  She is really doing great!  Since neither of us lost last week, we are both looking forward to a loss for next week.   Today, I tried to walk my first mile in 15 minutes.  I don't have a stop watch but it looked like it was a bit over 15 but less than 16 min.  I was very pleased.  I was even able to jog part of the mile, and my foot didn't hurt!  WooHoo!  That feels so good.  I can't tell you how thankful I am for two good feet and knees and legs!  I really liked lapping all those walkers that used to lap me as I was recovering from the broken ankle! LOL

So this coming week's goals are
  • drink 80 oz of water each day
  • record food daily to stay within nutrition goals
  • walk/run 1 15min. mile; bike 5 mi.; and walk 2 mi in 25 min.or less
  • go to bed at no later than 11:30PM and get up at 6:30AM

Thanks dear family and friends who have been keeping me in your prayers.  There is a reason this is my biggest loser YEAR.  It is going to take that long at least and I appreciate those who are there to encourage me for the long haul! :)

I have some success stories that the people want to remain anonymous, but congrats to two of my dearest friends who have lost 10 pounds in the last two to three weeks.  Keep going ladies!  I love you!

To my B.L. partners - time to let me know how you did this week, ladies! I have been praying for you!

With All My Heart~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Motherhood and Adoption

Nearly 4 years ago I was given a wonderful gift by God, my husband, a dear friend (Memaw), and a very confused young girl.  I was offered the blessing of being a mother to our 4th daughter.  Those early weeks when it was more talk than action, were hard.  I was so anxious to love and take care of this precious baby girl.  I knew the years ahead would be different for her than my other girls.  I knew that one day she may find me not to be enough of a mommy for her.  But I was willing to take that risk.  I, we all, needed her and she needed our family!

I knew one day she would begin to ask questions.  Why is my skin different from my sisters?  Why don't you have any pictures or video of me in your tummy, Mommy?  Why can't we watch my birthday video like we have of my sisters?  We decided to wait until these questions came from her naturally.  We waited and waited.

While we waited we have, at times, talked about her being adopted in her presence.  Alpheus has used the story for an illustration many times in sermons.  We have had people at church, at family gatherings, at homeschool gatherings, at Wal-mart, and so on ask in front of her if she was "ours."  I have always answered with joy about her being adopted.  However I did ask the girls not to discuss this topic with her, but to let her come to us.  I realized the other day that as she is nearly five and sharp as a tack, she may begin to take more notice to these moments when it is mentioned.  I didn't want her to "find out" she is adopted on the playground when she over hears her older sisters explaining why she doesn't look like them.  So I took the plunge and talked with her about it.

I would love to know what she was really thinking.  I asked her, "Lydia, when were you in Mommy's tummy."  "Before I was born?" she responded with a funny questioning look as if to say, didn't you know that Mommy.  Then I explained that she had never been in my tummy, but she had certainly been born in my heart, even before I knew she was going to be mine.  One of her first questions was what was her real birthday.  Isn't that funny?  I don't know if she thought we changed it or if she meant the day she was born in my heart.  She also wanted to know if that lady had any more children.  So we talked and I answered her questions as best I could.  She didn't ask much, but she listened to all I had to say very intently. 

Then I told her how I was adopted too.  I explained that God had adopted me as his daughter because He loved me and wanted me to come and live with Him in heaven one day.  And that even now He lives in me and helps me in all I do.  I told her that God gave her to me (us) and that I loved her so dearly.  I cried a lot and she kept patting me and telling me she loved me.  It makes me cry now to think of it.  :) 

I know that there will be more questions in the future.  I am counting on God to lead me as we go, as I know He has led us so far.  I look forward to celebrating Lydia's 5th birthday soon, but I also look forward to finally celebrating her adoption day on November 5th of this year!

Lydia dancing for us! :)

With All My Heart~

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Atkins Homeschool, Term 3

We are two-thirds finished with our school year as of this week!  It is amazing how quickly it seems to go and also how much we accomplish by the end of the the term.

We have a week off and then we will begin our last term of 12 weeks.  We are going to visit family and play lots of Mexican Train this week!  We also have a Valentines party at church planned.  The kids are going to enjoy sweets and a movie.  This is one we bought for the girls for Christmas and it is really cute and a powerful message at the same time!

We are also going to hit the gym each day!  It has been more miss than hit lately since it has actually been cold and still trying to get my energy back.  Feeling so much better each day so I am thankful!

So when we start back this is what is coming up in school!  (Don't worry, if looking at school plans is not your thing, just scroll down for the last picture of the cutie pies! ;)

Bible - Finish Hinds Feet on High Places
            Daniel  1-6; Esther 1-9; Nehemiah 1-13
Geography - Canada and Mexico  (Rod and Staff)
History - Story of the Romans by H.A. Gruerber
                Julius Caesar by John Abbot (librivox)
Biography - Along Came Galileo
Literature - Cleopatra VII
                   Black Ships Before Troy
                   The Bronze Bow
                   Poetry and Shakespear
Science - Light, Electricity, and Plants
Spelling/Vocabulary - Wordly Wise Book 5
Grammar - Rod and Staff English
Math - Saxon 76
Spanish - Salsa; workbooks, Poco y poco
Greek - Basic Greek Workbook by Jim Found ( baby steps)
Art Study - Leonardo DaVinci
Composer Study - Felix Mendelsshon
Piano Lessons

Bible - Finish The Hard Boiled Egg and other devotional stories
            Daniel 1-6; Esther 1-9; Nehemiah 1-13
Geography - Canada and Mexico (Rod and Staff)
History - This Country of Ours by H.E.Marshall
                Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall
Biography - DaVinci and Michelangelo
Literature - Little House in the Big Woods by L.I. Wilder
                   Wheel on the School by Meindert De Jong
                   The Heroes (Theseus)
                   American Tall Tale (Pecos Bill, John Henry, Paul Bunyan)
Science - Light, Electricity, and Plants
Spelling/Vocabulary - Wordly Wise Book 4
Math - Rod & Staff 4
Spanish - Salsa; workbooks, Poco y poco
Greek - Basic Greek Workbook by Jim Found ( baby steps)
Art Study - Leonardo DaVinci
Composer Study - Felix Mendelsshon
Piano Lessons

Mary and Lydia "sleeping" in their beds.  We have a new arrangement.  They sleep on the far bed as you see here.  That way one doesn't have to crawl over the other to get out.  And they enjoy just sitting on the open bed.  This is only temporary though because for Lydia's 5th birthday she gets to move to the top bunk.  Well, as soon as Daddy can build a better safety rail for this rambunctious girl!  I think that Hannah and Sarah will be doing something similar when this becomes their room in a couple of weeks.

Playing frisbee with Daddy.  Look at the windup on that throw! :)
I think they were having fun!
We take our throws seriously around here!
Once they let Minnie out to play, the girls were left in the dust.  Minnie is much better at catching a frisbee!  Look at that little doggy go! :) 
Well, here is one place Minnie couldn't retrieve the frisbee.  I don't know who tossed it up there, but all the girls had fun climbing the ladder to sit on top of the shed for a minute! :)
Lydia loved it.  She was crying thinking she wouldn't get a chance.  She really has no fear.  Yikes!
All these girls definitely got their climbing gene from Daddy!
Now this one definitely shares the same gene as me.  She was nervous about going up the ladder, but she overcame and went up anyway.  Then she came down and felt bad because she didn't actually get up on the roof. 

Here she is sitting at the very top!  She was so proud of herself.  Then came time to come down.  That was hard.  That first step back around the ladder is a doozy! LOL

Here are the girls celebrating Valentines a little early on their Daddy Date night.  They love their Daddy and the fun they have with him.  The other day Lydia thought Memaw and I were going to the gym and leaving the girls here.  She said, "Hurry up and leave."  When Memaw asked her why, she said that she wanted to have some fun with Daddy.  :)

With All My Heart~

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sew Much Fun!

Hannah spending time with one of her favorite friends while enjoying her newest hobby! 

The other day I was out of the house for several hours and Hannah decided to sew a pillow by herself.  She sewed half of the long blue pillow and then ran out of thread on the machine.  She wasn't sure how to rethread and Memaw was a little anxious of her working without me near by.  So she sewed the rest by hand.  When I came home she proudly showed her pillow to me.  Then she explained that she wanted to sew on some embellishments the next day.

Another view of Marshall enjoying the fun. He sat there for the longest time!

I explained to Hannah that next time she would want to put those things on first before sewing and stuffing the pillow, but that she could still work with a stitch that would show.  Hannah decided to cut out some flower shaped material and leaf shaped material to add to her pillow.

She was really enjoying working on her pillow!

However, it gets tiring and she got restless and didn't finish that day.  I was afraid that she might not finish it, but last Sunday a dear friend from church came over for the afternoon.  They quickly decided to work on this together.

Here are the girls after they finished.  My camera has decided to go on permanent strike so I really appreciate that Alpheus was at least able to get a picture of the finished project!  I just wish I could have taken some as they worked.  It was very sweet!  Also the next day she helped Sarah to work on her own pillow.  ( I will show it when she is finished.)

So here is the pillow's place of honor on her bed along with her first little pillow and a favorite teddy bear.  I am just so glad to see her pursuing these interests. 

Now we are making plans to restart our Polishing Cornerstones Bible study partnered with our Home Economics class. 
(If only their teacher can get well!)

With All My Heart~