Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving my blog

For several years now, I have been been blogging on homeschool blogger. I loved the community of people and wanted a place to record our homeschool experience. However now, I see that blogger is so much easier to use. I have been wondering if I should move over for a while now. One reason I hesitate is that I don't know how to do it easily so it would take a while. I also had a friend (Jessica from Trivium Academy) do my design. I hate to part with that and I have no idea how to transfer it here, if it is even possible. The reasons I would move it are: easier to use, adding photos is a breeze, and comment moderation which is not offered at HSblogger. So I am still debating. For now I may post the same post twice at both locations.

So this first post is a double and it is a follow up to my new school calendar plan. The plan is to do six weeks of school and then take a week off until we have completed the 36 weeks in our Ambleside Online curriculum. (Also I mention other odds and ends.)

Things don't always go as planned. It seems that every time we stop for a week it takes us another week to really get going again. This past break we had company come and really that shouldn't have made us get off track. I suppose I have been slow to start this week because I felt like I had no break. I had a wonderful week with them and really enjoyed the visit. (Almost had them talked into an extension! That is all of us when they had to leave.) Yet for some reason I am having a hard time getting motivated to start again. I did manage to get some in today but not as much as I had planned. So I am not sure how this plan will go. I am going to try to catch us up on this week in the next two days and hopefully next week I will be more motivated.

What else? Things are going well at church. We have a few more people attending and a new Sunday school class has been started. We are planning a baptism in a few weeks. So we are thankful for that. The girls really enjoyed when Memaw was their Sunday school teacher, too. Our band, Alleghany Strings, played for a Senior's dinner last weekend. It was a small event but it was a very joyful time. I have a new autoharp too, thanks to God. A friend of dh's mother learned that I was playing and gave me an old one they had. It is a very good quality autoharp; Oscar Schmidt 21 chord. These can run over 200 dollars on Ebay sold as is. I hope we can afford new strings for it soon. It has been stored for a while and needs some TLC, but still it does sound fine as is. I love that I have more chords so I can play on all the songs the band is learning.

Our baby girl is really getting big! She is finally learning to pronounce more words, especially the initial consonant sounds for which I am so grateful! Now I don't have to wonder if "up" is cup or up or pup and so forth. She really blossomed the week our Florida Grandparents were here and I was so glad they were here to experience it. Maybe it helped having more adults who encouraged her to say things correctly. The girls are bad to just know what she means and leave it at that. It is kind of comical to hear them play twenty questions with her just to figure out what she is saying.

Now is my favorite time of the year and the girls and I have really enjoyed whenever we go driving. We each love to point out the next colorful tree. The mountains are splendid. It is the one time of year that the Blue Ridge mountains don't live up to their name. We are traveling to West Virginia on Friday for a one night visit with my aunt Edie. We are all looking forward to the views, be we will be prepared for any unpleasant car sickness those roads sometimes bring on.

Now I am off to prepare lessons and write my to do list on the school board. Maybe we will all be more motivated to get through it!

Blessings, Eva .

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  1. I love the 6 weeks on and 1 week off idea. I may have to try that. You are always such an encouragement to me- thank you!


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