Saturday, October 24, 2009

Present Participles

This precious girl has been the cause of a bit of anxiety. In this case it has been for her lack of language. She has been a bit on the slow side for pronouncing words. For the last year or so she has mostly spoken in one syllable words and usually she left off the initial consonant sound. For example: cup was spoken as "up"; Hannah was Ana and Sarah was Ara.
At her doctor's visit in September I was reassured of my own opinion that she was not really impeded but just slow in actually speaking. It certainly wasn't her hearing, and it wasn't that she couldn't speak anything. Some words were clear; "No" was a disctinctly clear word as was Mama and Dada. Around July she did begin to string together two or three syllables to make a sentence, though they were still hard to understand. Ex: ink peas mama aka Drink please Mommy. This was also usually accompanied by the sign for eating, just in case fuzzy brained mommy wasn't correct in interpretation.
When our Florida grandparents came up recently, we could see a big improvement in just the week they were here. Lydia was definitely saying more of the initial consonants and more multi-syllable words were understood.
Today she did a new skill! She spoke in the present participle form.
Mommy: "Lydia, are you finished?
Lydia: "No, I not done. I am poopooing."
Okay, so it seems a disgusting example, but it is the first that I heard from her that I recall. Also, other writers, including reporters at Reuter's have used this term with a different conotation. (I know because I googled it to check the spelling! LOL)
Seriously, I am so thankful and excited that she is blossoming in her language skills. We pray for many things for our children and sometimes later is seems silly, but I truly am thankful for each answered prayer, no matter how small.
In Him, Eva
Picture taken by Mary when we were at dinner in Macado's.

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  1. Glad to hear that you're seeing improvement. I know that must feel so good!


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