Friday, March 19, 2010

A trip to the Biltmore estate! Here we are at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. This trip was a treat given to us by Lorilyn and Dan. They recieved coupons for guests as a perk of their yearly membership. I have always wanted to see the Biltmore so I was thrilled to go. We only took Sarah and Hannah. I have promised Mary to take her when she is 10 and will do so for Lydia.

Lorilyn and Dan

Ariana excited to go! Holding her new Webkinz too!

Sweet Sarah

Happy Hannah! This girl loves to stage pictures of her doing something! :)

The Gatehouse

They don't allow any interior photography.

My wonderful hubby waiting with Hannah for Sarah and Mommy to come out of the building. It took us about an hour longer because we listened to every part of the headphone tour and stopped to look as well. I could have gone twice as slow if Sarah had not been there.

The working farm portion of the estate has been set up as a display now of the tools and equipment they used on Biltmore.

Cute little play area they had set up near the video about the farm.

They still had some animals for petting too! Here Ariana and Dan are checking out one of the chickens roaming around.

This is a long-haired goat who bared his teeth when Alpheus got close to him. The overseer said he had never seen the goat make that face before. Too funny!

Sarah playing queen of the hill. The overseer said that the goats sometimes climb up there too, but they must have thought Sarah was too strong for them! LOL

A beautiful day making beautiful memories!

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