Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Becoming a Mother

Eleven years ago today God gave me one of the greatest desires of my heart.  He gave me a child.  I thought I became a mother that day, but now, years later, I realize that my role as a mother is constantly changing because my children are constantly growing and changing. Being a mother of a young lady is very different than one of a baby.  Hannah is on the brink of childhood and adulthood.  I am right there with her trying to hang on, but not as tightly; to help, but not as much. I am learning to lead by example more than by holding her hand.  We have come a long way since that first moment when I held her tiny body and wondered at the precious gift God had given to me.  I am not finished with my responsibilities as her mother, but I am learning to see her more as Hannah, her own person, and not my baby Hannah. 

I love that she still enjoys childhood games and toys.  She still enjoys playing with dolls and pretending to be the mommy.  As you can see in the photo in my header, she carries her favorite doll nearly everywhere she goes, if we let her!

She is a wonderful big sister in many ways and such a helper to me too.  I love being her teacher too and seeing her make connections and deductions on her own!  She is very creative; she loves to draw and make up stories.  She will make things from any items she can lay her hands on and she loves to be active!

Here are a few photos she took of herself recently which will show the playful and dramatic side she has!

Teach her to be so silly with my camera! :)

Happy 11th Birthday Hannah!  We love you!  Praying for you to have the greatest gift: a new heart!
Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. What beautiful girls you have! I know how you feel about always becoming a mother, my oldest is 20 and I'm learning to be his mother in a different way. With every stage of life our roles change and (hopefully) mature. It is wonderful to have a guide in our Lord to walk us mothers through these changes in our childrens (and our) lives!

    I love all the snow in your picture!!

  2. Love your post! Your family is beautiful!!!

    Being a mother through the changes of our children (and our) lives is never easy, but always rewarding!!

    Your Hannah looks like a character! Don't you just love being a mother to so many different personalities!?!! I know I do!;-)

    Oh, I love all the snow in your header picture, we miss living in the snow. We now have to drive about 1 1/2 hrs. to get to the snow. ;-\

    Psalm 18

  3. Thank you Christine! I agree that this journey is wonderful with the Lord as our guide! I don't know how I would do it without Him!

    Wish I could send you some snow! Blessings, Eva :)


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