Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Memories

One of my fondest memories of Christmas are the plays that we put on at our small church.  I can remember that the first solo I ever sang for a Christmas play was the second verse of Away in a Manger.  My girls have known that song since birth because I have always loved that hymn and sing it at bedtime year round.  I have been privileged to direct and assist with many Christmas plays as a young adult and pastor's wife.  It has been even more sweet seeing my own children participate in these.  I am so thankful for video and good friends who will take video for me to watch of the play later!  This past Sunday our church kids did a wonderful job portraying the birth of the Savior!  We were so proud of them!  Here are some pictures. 

The angels singing Away in a Manger as Mary and Joseph enter.

The shepherds have found the baby.

King Herod and a priest discussing the star and the promised Messiah.

 After the play we caught a better picture of Mary (Sarah) and Joseph (Trevor).

Lydia was not in the play, but she couldn't resist coming up during picture time.  You can see she is taking pictures.  This was her job since she couldn't be in the play.  Haven't looked at those yet.  Don't ask me what Mary was doing???  I will say this, about a minute after this she squeezed the bulb so tightly it broke in her hand.  Thankfully the plastic pieces didn't cut her. (Mary, Cheyenne and River)

Hannah posing again with Issiac.

Our shepherds who did a great job!  Ariana, Destiny, Kavon, and Kimber.

I pray that these will become special Christmas memories for these precious children!


  1. Hi Eva!
    What a wonderful Christmas! Hope your family has a blessed New Year as I know you will because God is faithful & cares for His own. I've enjoyed getting caught up on reading your blog. Would you send me a private email with the name of your church? I noticed that Voddie Baucham is mentioned on your blog. We were priviliged to hear him speak this past summer & are in the process of reading 2 of his books. What a blessing to have good, God-honoring teachers! Anyway, just wanted to say "I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!"

  2. Hi Renee,
    Our church is called Alleghany Baptist Church and is located in Blacksburg, VA. I would have emailed you but when I went to your page, your email is not listed, or at least I couldn't see it. Thank you for your kind comments and I pray this year is wonderful for you and yours too!

    Blessings, Eva

  3. Renee, I forgot to mention that we love Voddie too! I always check his calendar to see if he is going to be anywhere near us. I would love to hear him in person. We have several of his books and his DVD on Children of Ceasar about public schools. Hope you enjoy the books!


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