Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Lydia!

My Baby Girl is growing up too fast!!! I cannot believe Lydia is turning 4 today! It seems just the other day she was signing for the bottle and climbing up on the changing table for her diaper change. Yes, my earliest memories for this one are a bit different since she came to us at nearly one year old. However Alpheus did hold her the day she was born and I also took this picture and held her on day two. We never dreamed at that time that this precious little baby was going to be ours one day!

We were able to see Lydia nearly every week of her first year when she came to church with Memaw Rose. They would come to our house after church and visit and relax until time for evening church. We held and rocked and fed and played with the precious baby girl! Then one day the Lord opened the hearts and doors for her to be ours. What a privelege to have another daughter! The big girls were so excited!

This one is at about 9 months.  She was crawling and walking everywhere and we were just beginning to sense what God might have in store for us!

After her 1st birthday she was already anxious to be like the big girls and "do school."
Lydia has always loved to cuddle with a doll or stuffed animal.  I saw this one night and just had to get a picture of it!
Here we are at one of our favorite parks in Gainesville, FL.  They didn't have baby swings so Daddy provided a safe spot to ride! :)
 Lydia loved the bright colors of our flowers in Florida!
This girl is a ball of energy and loved the trampoline.  Now that she is big enough to really hurt herself, I am afraid to let our little FEARLESS ball of energy near one!
So you may wonder how she managed to be allowed on this trampoline with no net!!!!  Mommy was sick and Daddy was supervising.  Lydia LOVED it!
Mommy's choice of exercise for the girls!  Lydia and Hannah at the pool taking a break.
It has been wonderful seeing her grow up!  We are praying for you and love you so dearly!
Love, Mommy And Daddy


  1. Yay!!! Happy Birthday, Lydia! Hope your day was AWESOME!!!


  2. Love this girl too! Miss you all and am so glad that she is getting the "Life" of a blessed family of God!!!!
    Love and KissesXOXOXOX.


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