Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baking Christmas Cookies

One of the things I have very little patience for is cookie decorating!  I don't mind making cookies if it means we throw the ingredients together, slap it on the sheet, and bake it for 10 min or so.  If it requires making icing, coloring icing, fluting icing and teaching all this to others, I am not there yet.  Maybe it is something you get when you become a grandmother! 

Memaw was the leader of today's Christmas fun and without her we would not have accomplished nearly as much.  She made the icing from scratch and she showed the girls how to make the fluting bags.  (Btw, if I am using an incorrect term, please forgive the decorataing novice!)  She bought the cookie dough.  Next year I think I will contribute by making the dough from scratch since that is what I enjoy! :)

Hannah reshaping a few cookies after tranfer to the sheet.  Unfortunately we couldn't find the cutters we had last year. 

Mary taking our cutters etc. to the sink! 
Almost time to bake and decorate!

Whoops!  We made ours a little big and too many on the pan!

Super Memaw showing the girls how to make the icing bag from wax paper.  Then we made nine colors with our food coloring.

Here are some of the finished ones.  Top left is Mary's giant snow man.  She meant to put them together but we didn' realize how much it would spread! :)  It is upside down, but the white with blue is Hannah's igloo shaped cookie.  The bottom middle was supposed to be a wrapped present. Come on now, use your imagination! LOL
We had a few sprinkles too!
Here is a better veiw of Hannah's igloo.

Here is the baked Christmas tree.  It lost some of its shape when baked, but Hannah did a good job decorating it to give you the idea!
Mary's bell.  I love it!

Messy but great fun!

With All My Heart~

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