Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sew Much Fun!

Hannah spending time with one of her favorite friends while enjoying her newest hobby! 

The other day I was out of the house for several hours and Hannah decided to sew a pillow by herself.  She sewed half of the long blue pillow and then ran out of thread on the machine.  She wasn't sure how to rethread and Memaw was a little anxious of her working without me near by.  So she sewed the rest by hand.  When I came home she proudly showed her pillow to me.  Then she explained that she wanted to sew on some embellishments the next day.

Another view of Marshall enjoying the fun. He sat there for the longest time!

I explained to Hannah that next time she would want to put those things on first before sewing and stuffing the pillow, but that she could still work with a stitch that would show.  Hannah decided to cut out some flower shaped material and leaf shaped material to add to her pillow.

She was really enjoying working on her pillow!

However, it gets tiring and she got restless and didn't finish that day.  I was afraid that she might not finish it, but last Sunday a dear friend from church came over for the afternoon.  They quickly decided to work on this together.

Here are the girls after they finished.  My camera has decided to go on permanent strike so I really appreciate that Alpheus was at least able to get a picture of the finished project!  I just wish I could have taken some as they worked.  It was very sweet!  Also the next day she helped Sarah to work on her own pillow.  ( I will show it when she is finished.)

So here is the pillow's place of honor on her bed along with her first little pillow and a favorite teddy bear.  I am just so glad to see her pursuing these interests. 

Now we are making plans to restart our Polishing Cornerstones Bible study partnered with our Home Economics class. 
(If only their teacher can get well!)

With All My Heart~


  1. Looks like Hannah had so much fun!! Seeing is awesome, and I enjoy up very much myself!! (:

  2. Good job Hannah! I am so glad that you are enjoying the sewing machine that you got for Christmas. Aunt Lorilyn


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