Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artist Study: DaVinci style sketching

This term (12 weeks) we have been looking at the art work of Leonardo DaVinci.  I was looking on line for something to do with this and came across this site.  I have skimmed over the biography with them, but mostly we have enjoyed trying the techniques mentioned.  In today's lesson we were using the technique of drawing bubbles to practice the shapes of animals.  The girls were reluctant to use them, but I think it did help them to pre-plan their drawings.  We were using photos and drawings of animals from some science magazines we have.  You can click on any picture to see them all a bit bigger!  Many times I  have skipped art or composer study because I felt like it was extra, but these are the lessons the girls really love.  I have decided to take at least 20 minutes and do at least something.  Then I find that they do more on their own free time with it!

Here is Lydia's bee.  I love that she was so excited to do this insect!  We have been studying the parts of flowers and pollination so we have watched some videos with bees.

This one is a little harder to see.  Mary was drawing from an illustration of a triceratops.  She really enjoyed doing the circles more than the detailed drawing.

Sarah loves bears so she chose this polar bear.  She named it after her webkinz polar bear, Frostie!

Here is Hannah's kangaroo.  She was really reluctant to do the circles, but I think she did a great job with them!

Trying to be a good example.  Here is my drawing.  I chose the giraffe and the picture I used was a close up of the head.

We all had a good time.  Not sure if the girls will use this technique on their own or not.


  1. Great job you all! I personally can't stand to draw using the bubble method. I do enjoy sketching, and if it is a very difficult drawing, I will use some bubbles. I usually don't.
    We are currently in the Renaissance and Reformation and two the kiddos are studying a bio of Leonardo da Vinci! Neat! End of the school year draw nigh! Love you all!

  2. Yes, I think those with a natural talent don't really need the help of the bubbles. I don't know if mine really helped or not, but it did make me think about the shape of the parts, if that makes sense!

    We are finished on the 1st! WooHoo! :) Although we are starting the next year in two weeks after that! More on that in another post. :)


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