Monday, May 7, 2012

Traditions: School and Family

This evening at bedtime, Mary finished reading aloud to Lydia and me the final chapter of Little House in the Big Woods.  This has been so delightful for the past 10 weeks. We have made ourselves read it slowly, as prescribed by a CM (Charlotte Mason) education and it is truly a sad moment when a book ends.

We savor it.  We talk about the pictures a little more than other nights.  We laugh a little longer over the funny parts.  We know the end is imminent and we just want to make it last a little longer.  When the last word is read, we talk about the fun we are going to have completing the lapbook.  Lydia has looked a few times at the lapbooks Hannah, Sarah and Mary made over 4 years ago.  Mary was Lydia's age then.  Mary is looking forward to making a second one.  (The advantage of being the middle student  - you get to redo fun activities if you want!)  The big girls may not be making one themselves, but they will enjoy oohhhing and aahhhing over Lydia's book.

I am also so thankful that Laura Ingalls Wilder did not stop with the first book.  We are thrilled to begin Farmer Boy in a few weeks! 

I will update this entry with photos of the girls lapbooks as we work on them! So check back by next week!

Until then I will leave you with a photo of another tradition we have.  Since moving in to our current house, we have been blessed with a rose bush.  It is tradition for Daddy to cut the blooms for our table..  But this tradition has now been passed to our eldest girl, Hannah, who loves to decorate everywhere! :)  This was a pleasant surprise for Daddy when he came in for dinner tonight! 

We are looking forward to having another Rose back at our table soon!  We love and miss you, Memaw!

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