Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Weekly Review

What I'm Learning: Spanish! I really want to move us past our preschool level Spanish.  It is really hard without a fluent speaker/teacher.  I am praying for God to provide a friend with that gift!

These are the books for Grade 1,4, and 7 next year!

What I'm Reading: Mostly books to prepare for next school year.  We are finished with this year on June 1st but we are starting next year with only a week break.  If I am going to continue subbing (and I think that is all I can really handle, not full time) then I want to teach now, while I know I can't work.  Then this fall when public school is back in session the girls will have their "summer" schedule.  Reading and computer math games with lots of time for pool and play.

What I'm Listening to: I just downloaded a free ESV version of the New Testament.  I am  looking forward to listening to it during my workouts.  We are also listening to a lot of Bach since he is the composer for the last few weeks of this year.

What I'm Eating: I am still enjoying a no sugar, no wheat diet with lots of fresh lettuce from our garden.  I am also nearly finished with my stash of diet soda.  I am weaning myself off again!  Since I will have the freedom to go to the bathroom as needed for the next several months, I am really trying to increase my water consumption again!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Memaw Rose comes home Monday! I have missed her cooking, my gym buddy, and all the love and laughter she brings to our house.  This has been a long month without her!  Papa Jim comes for a visit also!  Graduation for some handsome nephews and a wedding for a sweet cousin are also happy occasions we are celebrating!

What I'm Laughing About: The cutest thing Lydia said recently occurred while we were taking a family walk while visiting Mamaw Daisy in Culpeper.  The girls were a bit ahead of us and heading to an opening in the woods.  Alpheus called out a warning for them to come out in case of snakes and such.  As we neared the spot, Lydia said in an excited voice, "Come on sisters!  This place may be a boo-boo trap."  I am still giggling!


What I'm Thankful For: My loving husband, our wonderful family and friends, and our many blessings of course.  On smaller note, the wonderful "new" shelf my talented carpenter husband built for the entertainment center that is now the home of the Atkins school curriculum! (pictured above)  And for the music stand on my piano that some how was lost in our move 4 years ago.  We looked online but you can find that accessory any more.  Wood painted black looks great!

What I'm doing for a Workout: Outdoor laundry is adding some lifting and hauling to my routine! :)  Enjoying the track and stationary bike still!  I need to add more weights!

What I'm Excited About:Birthday Bowling Party for my sweet sister, Leah who is turning 39 again! :)  Friday is a great day this week!  Bowling/pizza and then playing music at Due South followed by BBQ!

What's been working for us: 1) Spanish - this website:    2) Hannah cooking lunch for us!  :)  3) Work folders for each girl's lose leaf work.  You would not think that in a home school papers can get lost, but they DO!  These work folders have helped and the girls love opening them each day to see what has been graded and if they have any special notes or papers for fun!

What I'm Praying About: Salvation for my unsaved children. Growth of our church.  Self-discipline.

With All My Heart~


  1. Sweet update sister! We received the gift for my hubby from your hubby yesterday! So funny! Um, you need to tell your honey that I need the incentive because I am the one who talks Rob into long trips and "fun" stuff!!! Love ya'll!

  2. I should have thought of that! :) I will start thinking of incentives. Love you too! Hope everyone is all better now.


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