Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gotcha, Memaw!

Here is Rose with the girls on her Gotcha Day!  It was one year ago that Rose officially moved in with the family.  She had been adopted by the girls long before that time, even before we had Lydia, but it was very special to have her come live with us!

Rose is beloved by many and has adopted children in many places along with three loving children of her own.  We feel blessed to have her choose to live with us. 

We celebrated GD with  a surprise gift!  We saw a pizza maker one day and thought Rose would like to try that.  We hid it for a month and none of the girls spilled the beans. LOL  They must be growing up!  It has already gotten a work out of pizza making and also she made Reuben sandwiches with it the other day! Yummmmm!

The next day was her actual birthday!  We were very busy with school and household chores, and then we had church that night.  It probably seemed like we had not thought much about her, but we were planning a surprise!  After church we took her to Out Back.  This is one of her favorite restaurants because she loves the bloomin' onion.  Bob and Debbie joined us there and bought Rose this lovely jewelry set for her birthday.

The pink was a perfect match for the new dress she was wearing!  You can't see the earrings here but they are so pretty!  Going to have to keep the girls out of her jewelry! :)

We love you Rose!  We gotcha and we are going to keep you!

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  1. I absolutely loved this blog! Rose you looked so beautiful and I am so glad when we get to spend special time with you, too! You make everyone around you so happy! God bless you, dear lady! Great job on the surprise and dinner out.


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