Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Summer Fun

We have been enjoying our two weeks off.  We stayed up late and slept late in the morning (except DH).  We spent many hours doing just what we please.  We have occasionally done what was needful but mostly we have just relaxed.  It has been really nice.

Hours of play dough fun! 

Lydia's creation  "girl sitting in her chair"
Mary's volcano

Hannah's nature scene: Bird w/worm, mushrooms, flowers and butterfly

Attending a tea party next door.
They decided to dress up in the princess clothes.

Watching the garden grow and eating the lettuce and peas so far!

 The first picture was taken May 25th and the next one was taken June 12th.  What a difference a few weeks make!

Swimming at the pool.  
I didn't get a good picture of the other girls.

Playing board games.

Bowling with the KidsBowlFree program.

Playing and exercising at the gym.

 Watching movies! 

And no summer would be complete for us without a summer reading program at the library.  My girls would read anyway, but they love getting prizes for it!
 Can you guess which one loves to read the most?  

Our "summer break" may be almost over, but we have packed lots of fun into it.  Personally I am ready to get back to some of the routine of the normal school day, but I know the girls have loved doing some of their favorite things.   

Oh, yes, and blogging! :)

With All My Heart~ 


  1. Looks like you all had some summer fun! Loved seeing all the play dough creations! Your girl's do a much better job than I ever did! Great imaginations they all have and such talent! Loved those princess dresses for the tea party. Wish I could be your next door neighbor....then I wouldn't miss out on all the fun!

    1. Thank you Anonymous! Is this really Grandmom? :)

    2. I have been adding Mom to my posts because it felt strange to be anonymous! lol Love, Mom/grandmom


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