Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Time Fun

Summer break is a good time for dental and doctor appointments! 

Here is Lydia getting her six month check up.  She is always such a trooper and actually looks forward to the dentist.  She had to have x-rays this time. She said, "It only hurt the roof of my mouth a little bit, Mommy."  What a trooper!  She was given chocolate toothpaste which she said was good.  Best news - no cavities!  Her back teeth are starting to touch now, though, so it is time to learn to floss!  She loved the cool shades.  When the dental hygienist asked, "Would you like to give me the sunglasses, now?" I think Lydia almost said, "No." :)  She was pleased though with her Princess Bell toothbrush, Dora sticker, and ladybug (her favorite insect) bouncy-ball.

While we were waiting for the dentist to come and look at her teeth, she was reading a book from my kindle.  This book is one on counting/adding which was free at amazon.  The hygienist had asked Lydia if she would be starting K this year when she saw she was 5.  Lydia just giggled and shook her head.  I explained that we home school and she would be starting 1st grade.  I don't think she believed me until she heard Lydia reading to me! :)   Lydia didn't know I was taking a picture until she looked up.  She was in the middle of saying one of the words.  She asked if she could leave her sunglasses on to read the book. LOL  She cracks me up.

Hannah has started a special summer project.  She is painting the panes in a window for a decoration on Grandmom Short's wall.  She is doing a different theme for each of the six panes.  If you are wondering where she is painting, it is our unfinished portion of the basement.  She has the window resting on the washing machine.  (The cat is asleep on the pile of dirty clothes. LOL Btw, the pile is not waist high to Hannah.  It is stacked on other tubs.)

Because of drips and accidents she is only allowed to paint in here or out on the deck.  Since Daddy was smoking the ribs for dinner Hannah chose to paint down here.  The lighting is very good right there so she was pretty happy with the set up!  The first scene she painted is the branches of a dogwood tree.  She was looking at the journal you see in the picture, but she did her own version of it!

Oops, I think my camera was upside down when I took this photo!  Oh well, Grandmom, you get the idea here in this sneak preview! :)

The younger girls were looking for something to do and decided on a princess tea party!  Mary used her princess invitations to request the presence of the other princesses.  Sarah was in charge refreshments and like any smart princess, called up the best caterer she knew, Memaw Rose!  The table was set, music arranged, and guests warmly welcomed promptly at 1PM. (They had been kindly turned away at 12:30 for coming too early!)

The night ended with a movie, snack with Daddy, and a "sleep over" in the downstairs bedroom.  Oh the fun of summer time freedom!  We are all looking forward to free time tomorrow!

With All My Heart~


  1. All the girls look like they are enjoying their short break. Loved the pictures of Lydia at the dentist office. At least she got a toy this time and not just a toothbrush!

  2. Everyone is doing so good! I am very proud of Hannah for her painting! Great job!

    Your blog is looking good too Eva!

    Love you all and miss you BIG!


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