Saturday, October 31, 2009

Early Thanksgiving

Here are the girls dressed up and ready to visit with family at our early Thanksgiving dinner. That is the house we are renting in the background. Can't believe some of our geraniums are still blooming!

We should have taken these a week ago when the fall colors were the prettiest.

I am still getting used to blogger and I didn't realize my pictures were going to come out backward from the way I selected. Here is Ari at the church after we have already eaten.

The two guys on the right are my nephews. Hard to believe they are 21 and 19! I used to take care of them when they were 3 and 1.

Bruce and Lorilyn chatting. (No, Bruce is not drinking out of a child's cup. )

My brother, Monte sitting across from his MIL, Lilly and SIL, Lisa.

Monte's FIL, Richard, our BIL, Dan, my Dad and Aaron.

I caught Mom and Dad in line. You can tell I caught my dad off guard; he is actually smiling.

Lisa and her husband Tom.

Getting started!
Alpheus, Dad, Richard, Lilly, Hannah, Bryce, and Sharon.

Monte, Bruce, Dad, Dan, Richard, Lilly, and Hannah.

Smile guys!
Leah, Bruce and Ben. Ben had to leave before we started for a Band Competition. :(

Thanks, Leah, for taking a picture of the 6Atkins!

A blessed day with family and friends!


  1. Hello sweet sister! I don't get an email when I get a comment on Blogger.

    But I am contemplating switching over here exclusively. Homeschoolblogger won't let me post anymore pictures. Every time I try, it tells me I am full. Wierd. So we shall see. I miss you and love you so much!

  2. My photo was taken at Waccasassa on a Wednesday night as the children were palying some crazy game that Robb found.
    The sunsetting behind the clouds was so pretty that evening. I just had to photograph it! I have two others. Your girls look lovely!
    Love ya!


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