Saturday, October 31, 2009

5 Cookie Monsters

We had a coookie day at Grandmom's house! It was work, but it was enjoyable as well! Here are some of our creations.

Heart, smiling flower, bear (yes, really) and star.

Here are the girls with all the finished cookies that weren't eaten right away. A few were so thin they fell apart during decorating and we had to sacrifice and eat those! ;)

One of the great things about visiting Grandmom's house is that she usually buys special things for her grandchildren. Here is her latest gift to her "grandgirls." She bought a colored sugar cookie kit. It came with four primary colored cookie doughs, two cutters, sprinkles and icing, as well as ideas for many neat creations! Each girl designed about four cookies. This was very time consuming so we finally sent them out to play while we finished with just round cookie shapes.

More closeups. Basically all the round shaped cookies were decorated by my sister, Lorilyn, and me after the girls had decorated theirs.

two smiley faces, another bear that looks more like a frog, a round cookie and a domino cookie. Can you tell we love dominoes?

more fun with sprinkles!
Here is a star, flag, bear, two hearts, a round, and a present shaped. My personal favorite to decorate was the red heart and blue icing.

They each especially loved their initial cookie. We made one for Uncle Vance and Aunt Norma too, as they were visiting that evening.

Thanks Grandmom for a sweet day in many ways!

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