Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Bowling

We have always enjoyed doing something special on our girls' birthdays. We decided to celebrate Hannah and Sarah's birthday with bowling. Since Sarah's day is on Sunday we decided to go during the week on Hannah's day. It was nice because there were only a few other people there while we bowled. We invited Grandmom, Grandad, Dan, Lorilyn and Ariana to join us. Since they homeschool too and work overnight the early day plans suited them. The girls were very excited to share this with their best friend Ari!

Hannah ready to bowl!

Sarah saying hi before her turn.

Ariana showing off her ball before bowling.

Lydia holding a ball for 5 seconds. She is too little to bowl but she had fun watching!

Mary was very excited to bowl. This is only her second time doing it!

Ariana got her cousins each a webkinz horse. I think Hannah named the pinto Saddle. Sarah named her pink and white horse Milkshake.

Grandmom gave them sweet cards with birthday money.

Grandmom with all her grandgirls except Kamryn who is in KY.

After bowling three games we were all tired and hungry so we headed to Cici's for some pizza. We like the one in FL better, but it was good. Btw, Sarah moved herself out of the pic at the last minute.

Can you tell they had Cartoon network on the TV. It was 35 feet away and they were still riveted.

Our happy Lydia!

Mary sporting the pizza facial.

Later that day Hannah helped make her cake. She mixed it and I did the icing. Then she came to put on candles and decorations. She wanted to ice it too, but I was too tired for that. LOL

Hannah was very pleased with her new necklace, watch and I-Dog!

Sarah opted to open her gifts today instead of waiting until Sunday. She knows I am bad about buying the same thing because I know they will both want it, so I think that is why she did it. One year we should make Hannah wait until Sarah's day! Sarah also received a necklace and and I-Dog and by request a set of cap pistols.

So after playing cowgirls and trying on different pendants with their necklaces they went to sleep listening to Christmas music on their I-Dogs. I just hope we can afford the batteries! :)


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girls!

    They are getting so BIG!

    Go see my latest post on Blogger! It is what Hannah and I have been up to lately!

    Love you!

  2. Yes let us talk more Friday!
    The twin girls sleep to the right of the bunk in a double bed. The bunk is to the right of the large window in the room. It works out great.
    Although, when all the other toys go on the floor, you can't really get to the beds. Ha,ha.
    Love ya.


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