Friday, December 18, 2009

Blossom (Edited 2 weeks later: Oops, he's Marshall!)

We wanted to get the girls a pet for Christmas. At first we were planning to do a hamster, but the more I read about them the less appealing they became. I want a pet I am going to enjoy if I have to clean up after them anyway. We decided to get a kitten.

This was his first night at our house. We ended up getting him the last day of November so he was an early gift. He is part Siamese and part mixture, with some mackerel tabby coloring. He is nearly solid orange except his legs have stripes and the typical mackerel M on his forehead. The tips of his ears and tail are darker like the Siamese.

He loves to climb! He is really doing it now. I am trying to keep him off the furniture except the girls small chairs and the a foot stool. The first week he stayed downstairs, but by the second week he was venturing up the stairs and now goes anywhere he wants. He seems to love it under Hannah's or Lydia's beds the most. Marshall sleeps in the basement at night though. He has also started to climb the Christmas tree. Yikes! Hopefully we can keep him contained until that comes down.

Here he is stretched out infront of the warm fireplace.

Lydia with her lego tower.

Mary with her two front teeth missing.

Sarah with her crazy teeth. Braces for sure for this girl!

Hannah enjoying computer time.

So all but two of these pictures were taken by the girls. They are loving to take photos now!

A big snow storm is heading our way, so I guess I had better get off here and finish laundry. We will probably keep power because our lines are underground, but you never know! :) Here's our pile of wood for the next few days. Alpheus teased that he is glad to get some use out of the treadmill. LOL

Have a blessed day! Eva

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