Friday, October 8, 2010

Homeschool Lesson Today: Perseverance with a side of PE

Here is Mary happily riding her bike with training wheels.  On the right is Sarah struggling to persevere as she learns to ride without them.  This is actually her second time learning.  How can that be? Well her first time was late last fall and sad to say, we hadn't gone since.  There is no where near our home to ride and so we must hook up the trailer to Mater (Daddy's work truck) and I have to take the passengers in the van, so it is a two parent operation.  We are going to be more diligent in getting Sarah the practice she needs to keep her skills this time.

It hurts me when my kids struggle to learn things, and in this area I feel particularly helpless.  For those who may not know, I never learned to ride a two-wheeler myself.  Similar situation - our home for most of my life was not conducive to beginning riders, especially if they were timid.  If you enjoying learning to ride by the roll yourself down this grassy hill method, then you, like my twin brother, would have learned at my house.  I didn't.  Anyhow,  I leave these lessons to my darling husband and he is a very good teacher, thankfully. 

Today was hard for Sarah though.  She was struggling.  She had moments of tears and frustration and wanting to quit.  But Daddy and I team tagged, giving encouragement and helpful hints, and just waiting patiently while she fought to rule her fear and try again.  In the end she did persevere.  In these last shots you will see much smiling and happiness.  Her perseverance paid off!  Our perseverance as her guides and teachers paid off.  It would have seemed easier to let her just wait until she was "ready" and not push her to try again, but I know that is only a temporary pause before the task must be faced again.  It was a good lesson for everyone.  Mary saw that once Sarah faced her fear she was able to accomplish her goal.  Mary also saw that when it is her turn, Mommy and Daddy will do all we can to help her not give up! 

Sarah trying again!
 Looking more relaxed and starting to like it!
Daddy giving Mary a ride
 Lydia's turn now - hold on girl!
Sarah is picking up speed and has come over to join us because she is not so scared now.
Lydia was having a ball and giggling!
Loved watching all the girls having fun!
 Daddy coming around again with Lydia!
Getting ready for the high five!
High Five!  So glad I got the shot! :)

 This girl gets an A today! :)
 Keep smiling girl - you're next! :)
 Daddy coming down the hill with Lydia - she giggled and  laughed the entire way!
Once you have learned how to ride, the Virginia hills can be fun!

Btw, I rode a three wheeler when I wasn't taking pictures.  Lydia rode in the basket in the back!

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