Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dads and Homeschooling

I have many favorite blog sites I visit, but I must admit that homeschooling mothers with four or more children interest me most. I am sure it is because I can relate to many of them. A few months ago, 2 of my favorite blog ladies joined with two others to give a multi-SAHM prespective on life in large homeschooling families. I love these Thursday posts. Today's post was on how fathers lead/participate in homeschooling. Here's a link to one post and you can find the other three from there if you desire.

I am so thankful God gave Alpheus and I both the desire and vision for homeschooling our children. We have been united in this since we were preparing the nursery for Hannah's birth! Since I was a middle school teacher before marrying, Alpheus was quick to trust that I was prepared for this in many ways. However teaching your own children starting at birth is very different from public school and we both had much to learn. Most importantly we both learned that God had equipped us for this in many ways. By leaning on God's Word we were going to be able to do this, even when I dreaded teaching them to read or do basic math facts. Alpheus' support in each phase of this journey has been so crucial and a blessing!

Financially he has sacrificed to make sure I can stay home with the girls. It is one of the most important reasons we can homeschool. He carries on his shoulders the burden of finances so that we can be daily with our girls training them in God's Word and the many other lessons of life that are important. This has sometimes been a great leap of faith for him as God leads us into less financially secure callings. I am thankful that Alpheus perseveres and God always sees us through with His wonderful provision as a reward for Alpheus' commitment!

In the early years, Alpheus was always anxious to look at the day's work and praise the efforts. He has also acted as father/principal to encourage our girls to have good attitudes and work ethic on difficult days; and even carrying out discipline if he was available. Being a united team as parents is so important to creating an atmosphere that is positive and gives the children definite boundaries.

As the girls mature, Alpheus has made more suggestions on curriculum, especially on Bible instruction. During family worship times in the evenings he will discuss with them what we are studying in Bible class. This is wonderful accountability and review for the most important lessons we are teaching in our home! He is also supportive and encouraging for all subjects we are doing. The girls love to tell Daddy when they get a good math grade or show Daddy the picture from art class or narrate for him the main events from the history story. Currently they are all memorizing scripture for Bible class at church and a poem for the term. They are so excited about "performing" the poem for Alpheus during exam week! This term we are using a book Alpheus bought the girls for Christmas last year about dinosaurs. Whenever I say it is time for science the girls get so excited and can hardly wait to finish the term to make their lap books and dinosaur egg models. They know it will be something they can share with Daddy.

I am so thankful for all that Alpheus does to lead us on this homeschooling journey!

Our principal swimming with us on the first day of PE for this year!

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