Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lots of Time

Usually, I feel like I have no time.  Or at least little time to complete all that I need to do.  For the last several days I have been spending a great deal of time with my mom in the hospital.  Thankfully she is doing well.  We have had lots of time to talk.  It has been time uninterrupted by my four girls or schedules.  I am thankful for this time.  I hate that Mom has to be in the hospital but I am thankful for these moments to talk and to do things for her.  She has done so much for me all my life.  She spent 2 years of her life taking care of my first two girls while DH and I worked.  I could never repay her for all she has done for me.  So I am feeling very blessed to be with her.  I may only be turning off a pesky alarm, helping her to reach the things she needs, keeping her clean, or listening to her talk.  Or I type notes to friends on facebook and update my blog! (Did you notice the new title and look?)  It is all time well spent.

I am so thankful for Memaw and DH, as they do what I would normally do at home.  I really appreciate DH's understanding that I need to be here for my mom.  It has also given me time to think about my life and how blessed I really am.  I will be turning 40 this coming birthday and I have had a happy life.  I look back and see so many ways God has blessed me and I am amazed.  And then I remember that this life, that seems to be so much time, is only a vapor.  That really is mind boggling!  It is the next life, the eternal life, that will be lots of time.  No end to the time! And all eternal time will be spent in total joy and happiness.  What a time to look forward to for those who love God!

With all my heart~

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