Friday, September 23, 2011

Time Well Spent

I had this crazy notion that if I quit my job I would have time to do all the things I wanted to do.  Since being home for nearly ten years now, I have learned that what I want to do is always going to require more time than I have.  I used to think I would be a better housekeeper or cook when I had time to be home.  That is not entirely true.  I have found that the things I enjoy doing the most usually get accomplished, but that list does not cover all that I want to do.  You see, my wants also include things I know I should be doing, but don't really enjoy doing.  For example, I have "wanted" to clean out the fridge and mop the kitchen floor all week, but I don't really enjoy doing those things.  I would much rather sit for 5 hours planning next weeks kindergarten lessons for Lydia.  Not that it should take the five hours I spent, but because I enjoy it, I like to look at every possibility available from my shelf as well as online.  And if you have done any research into free online preschool, you know there is a ton, and lots of it is really cute. :)  So the point is that I put off what I want, but don't really like to do, and do much more than I should of what I like to do usually doing it for longer than really necessary or profitable. 

I have to say though, that sometimes I have NO regrets for overspending my time on the things I really do love to do and are good and profitable things.  I could never spend too much time reading about God in His Word and the stories of others who serve Him.  That is why it doesn't bother me that we spend much more time on the Bible during the week than any other subject.  I am reading two biographies of missionaries to the girls, as well as three chapters of the Bible per week, plus the family worship lessons from Daddy at least twice a week, in addition to the Sunday morning, Sunday night (this is new) and Wednesday night lessons.   I tease the girls that they love Bible lessons the most because there are not tests or grades, but I pray that they love it best because it is the best thing they could be learning!

Another way I could never spend too much time is in being with my family.  Somedays I may get tired of being asked the same questions at least four times, or saying the same reminders, but if I remember that these days are fleeting, and try to enjoy them, I am renewed in my love to serve my husband and our children.  And having Memaw live with us has made it even more possible for me to enjoy time with my husband and children.  DH was out of town this week working and so we all really wanted to have some family time.  After we finished school and Daddy finished his sermon, we spent the rest of our Friday doing things together that we enjoy.  Memaw, the girls and Minnie joined me on a mile walk around our neighborhood.  This was a fun time to talk about the sights and creation of God.  It was precious to see my two oldest girls holding hands and sharing the ear phones of an MP3 as they walked.  I love that they are close.  And little Lydia pushing Memaw up the hill (well, hopefully she was helping) was a cute memory.  I need to take a camera on our next walk!  Mary walked with me, learning how to train a dog to heel.  After a delicious dinner of hamburgers and home made fries (oh my, heavenly) we cleaned the kitchen together.  Now this is a normal part of life, but seemed especially sweet because we had DH back home serenading us with the guitar while we finished! :)  This was of course a prelude to the music of family worship.  I am teaching Mary how to sing alto and Hannah read the scripture for us tonight!  Next on the agenda for family night was teaching Memaw how to play Yahtzee!  There was much celebration as Memaw, Mary and Lydia rolled yahtzees.  We wrapped up our evening with specialty ice cream cones and watching "Where the Red Fern Grows" (part 2).  Other than Mary wanting to strangle me for making her cry again, it was a wonderful 7 hours spent enjoying each other.

And so, with many other blessings of the week, I feel this night has been time well spent.  I thank God for nights like these!

With All My Heart~

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