Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating for Christmas started early in our home!  We actually started the tree the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so we could finish it after our trip to Culpeper.
Hannah loves to add sparkle where ever she can!

Here is our dining room with our lovely poinsettia from our next door neighbors!

Decorating works up a hardy appetite.  Here is Mr. Gravy doing his thing!  Thank you DH!

Sweet company for Daddy as he makes her favorite breakfast!

Mmmmmm... delicious!

Alpheus and I with our girls.  Time sure flies!

The entire Atkins family!
Daddy with his sweet girls.
He was telling funny jokes and they are all nearly smiling their real smiles!  This is my favorite picture of all!

Memaw with her Virginia granddaughters!  She is so precious to them and spoils us all rotten!  She is such a blessing to our family!

I just love this photo of Rose!
 She is looking great and doing so well too!

I just love this pose of my handsome hubby!  He was taking some of the pictures and turned the camera on himself.  He surely could have been an actor with his dramatic flare!  His ability to make me smile and laugh is very high on the long list of his adorable qualities! 

Our tree decorated by our girls.

The decorations also went up in the girls' rooms.  Here is  Mary and Lydia's room.  
Hannah and Sarah were still working on theirs.  They have added a little each day and I think they finished a day or two ago, but I haven't had a chance to take a photo yet.  I will add it when I can. :)

The girls have been off from school since the 29th of November and have enjoyed lots of fun and free time.  I will try to post some more of our fun soon!  

With All My Heart~

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