Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

We are wrapping up the first 12 weeks of school which is our first term!  It is hard to believe that we are 1/3 through this year already!  We are looking forward to a fall break next week while Papa Jim and Mama Rita are here, and of course Memaw will be back.

I am putting away the literature books we finished this term and the girls are already asking what we will be reading next term.  Over our 7 years of homeschooling we have complete five lapbooks.  One was on Little House in the Big Woods and today Lydia found them on the shelf.  She spent hours looking at them.  Then the girls looked at all of them: Dinosaurs, Art Appreciation, George Washington's World History, and a Bible Memory verse one.  Two of these we did before I was a CMer and three we have done after.  It is evident to see which ones were kit directed and which ones were child-directed.  I think they can both be useful, but I especially appreciate a more laid-back approach now.  As the get older I can give them options and let them determine their own preference for how to organize, record, and share the information they are learning.  Mary and Lydia are already looking forward to doing the LHitBW lapbook since Mary will be reading it to Lydia in term 3 this year.  So Mary's narrations will mostly be drawings, comparisons, and written narrations based on each chapter as she completes it.  I imagine it will be very different from the kit lapbook she made 3 years ago.  I am still pondering if I should have Hannah and Sarah chose a literature selection for a lapbook also.

Earlier this month our church band played at Sinkland Farms in Christiansburg.  It was on a Sunday afternoon and it was a beautiful day to sing praises to God and let the girls enjoy some fall fun.  Memaw was so kind and took the girls around to the activities while we played in the barn area.  The girls loved it. 

Here are the girls, plus their friend Cheyenne putting on some cute masks - well except for that silly daughter who picked up the witch mask.  Yuck!  The rest are so cute, I just had to show the picture.

Cheyenne and Mary looking at some vendors wares.

Hannah likes the colorful clown!

Sarah trying her hand at milking the cow.  Not much to show for it. LOL
Isn't she just adorable!  She seems to be taking it so seriously!

Having a great time!

They were actually very tired here.  The long and confusing maze had worn them out!  They were also able to pet some farm animals, watch a pumpkin catapult and ride the hayride around the pumpkin patch. 
Last but not least, we recorded the instructions for growing a GIANT pumpkin.  This is Hannah's goal for next year! :)  We shall see.

Sorry no pictures of the band, but we did have a great time!

On the same day, a dear sweet sister from our former church in FL called to wish DH a Happy Pastor's Appreciation Day and two of our church members here blessed him with a very sweet gift.  We are so thankful for the love of God, our church family (past and present) and our many blessings!

With all my heart ~

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