Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If You Give a Girl A Camera . . .

. . . then she will need to dress up her dolly. 

If she is going to dress up her dolly, she will need a brush for her hair.  So she will go to her sister's room and ask to borrow the brush.
Her sister will offer to lend her a brush, but first she will want to take a picture or two of herself.  So she will need the brush first. :)

Sister will admire her new glasses as she takes some pictures.  Then she will want to take more pictures because it is hard to stop at just one!

In the living room, she will find some more people for her pictures.  She will do all sorts of silly things to get the people to smile for the camera.  When Mama Rita, in the middle, is holding her "baby" it will remind the girl of her dolly.

Then the girl will want to go back to her room and take more pictures of her dolly, and her other favorite friends like her horse.

So she and her dolly will ride horses together.  She will explore wide valleys and climb steep mountains in search of just the right next outfit for this photo day!

So if you give a girl a camera . . .

you will have lots of pictures of your girl and the many people and things she loves.

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