Saturday, November 12, 2011

Evidence Not Seen

Since I did this:

I have had lots of time for this:

I really have enjoyed the reading time and not feeling guilty for so much "me" time. When DH went to a pastor's conference in October, he brought back to me a wonderful gift.  He asked one of the bookstore ladies to recommend a book for his wife.  The dear lady recommended Evidence Not Seen, an autobiographical account of the 4 years American missionary, Darlene Diebler Rose was one of the captives in a Japanese prison camp in New Guinea.

The girls and I have been studying WWII and this was a wonderful perspective of some of the hardships for the neighbors of Japan as they invaded and tortured much like the Nazis were doing.  The book does describe some pretty disgusting and heartbreaking events that were hard to read, but her faith in God and trusting Him through everything was so encouraging.

Be prepared with tissues!  If you are feeling like you have greater trials than you can bear, read this book.  It has definitely helped me keep perspective through my very small trial.

With All My Heart~

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