Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Handling Disappointments

Last night at bedtime, Lydia and I were reading in her Bible story book about Joseph and the jealousy of his brothers.  Then we talked about how we can sometimes feel jealous when we see others being blessed with gifts and cards.   (It is birthday season for her two oldest sisters.) 

Then Lydia said, "Mom, do you know what really disappoints me?"

 After I stopped giggling over her grown up speech I asked, "What?" 

"At the dentist office yesterday, I was very good and all I got was a toothbrush and toothpaste." LOL  Our dentist office used to give out toys and she would be with us and see the girls get them.  Oh the disappointments that a nearly-5 year old ponders! :) 

So we talked about the things she could be thankful for at the dentist office.  Being with Memaw (who took her so I could do school with the big girls.) and going shopping with her after.  Memaw buying her popcorn chicken for a treat.  Best of all, no cavities!

After all this counting her blessings she was feeling much less disappointed!

With All My Heart~

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