Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hannah's 12th Birthday

On the girls' birthdays we try to do everything (within reason) that the person would like to do.  First of all, Hannah wanted to have the day off from school.  No problem since I have a lot of pull with her teacher and principal! LOL 

We started the morning with getting up late and having biscuits and gravy with hot chocolate for breakfast. (missed getting a picture)  Then Hannah requested family worship this morning.  We sang two of her favorite hymns before reading scripture and praying.  Now that is a great way to start a birthday!  As I recall, there was a lot of praying going on the day she was born! :)

Sarah and Hannah will be sharing their birthday party, as usual, and they wanted to make and decorate their own cake.  So Wednesday night they made the cake and this morning they decorated it.

Hannah cracking the eggs.

Sarah greasing the pan.

Hannah, Sarah, and Mary getting the candy ready.

Icing is on!

Best Friends!  I always tease that they are as close as I will get to having twins.  I am so thankful that all my girls love each other, but these two are definitely close in many ways.   It is hard to see, but they have m&m's around the edges and those are candycane hershey kisses and sprinkles on top.


Here is Hannah with the traditional Happy Birthday banner hung across her door.  She also rummaged through the birthday box and found one last balloon. 


After lunch, we went to Granddad and Grandmom Short's house for the birthday party! 

We have celebrated most of their birthdays with their cousin, Ariana.  She always makes special cards and finds the perfect gift! 

Ariana knew Hannah would love this island-themed calendar!

I have a feeling Sarah will be painting this pretty rose suncatcher tomorrow in her free time!

Two happy birthday girls!

They were so please with many thoughtful gifts and some birthday money as well.  I know Hannah is saving up for her own camera.  Sarah is still exploring her options. :)
The rest of the day was spent playing the Wii and enjoying time spent with family.  The adults of course played Mexican train! ;) Here is a picture of all of us squeezed into the kitchen!  It was actually nice and cozy.  :)

With All My Heart~


  1. Loving these pictures! Wish we could have been there to spend it with them. It really seems like our kids are growing up too fast, doesn't it? We miss and love you guys so much!

  2. So true Ed! I know you must feel it even more than me since you had a head start! :) We miss you all too! Give everyone our love! Btw, thanks for leaving a comment. My comments section was pretty lonely! LOL

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! I love the "play-by-play" rundown of Hannah's special day, with pictures... What a sweet family!

  4. Love your writing Eva! I so enjoy reading about your girls. Much love to all of you. Darlene

  5. So sweet Eva! Love ya'll! Everyone is growing up! It can happy and sad at the same time. Hope to get to talk with ya soon! Looking very forward to our phone call!!!!


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