Monday, January 16, 2012

Eva's Biggest Loser Year: Week 2

My motivations for this week are God, my family and friends encouraging me, and a special little encouragement from my baby girl, Lydia.  She brought me a note on a hello kitty paper that Memaw wrote as she dictated it.  This is what it said:

to Biggest Loser!

You can get your hair fixed.

To get your hair fixed
you have to go the room
with the door with the castle on it, Eva

She said I could turn it in whenever I was ready!  I told her Makeover week is usually week 12 or so! :)

Goal:  Average of 1,100 calories per day
Tuesday = 1503
Wednesday = 1161
Thursday= 1258
Friday= 1544
Saturday= 1423
Sunday= 1466
Average per day = 1,401

I feel better about this after I read an article on finding your Active Metabolic Rate.  An average of 1300 calories per day should result in 2lbs. lost a week, at least.  I am happy with this for this week.  I am setting my goal for next week at 1300 and want to be more consistent. 

I also did better with exercising this week.  I am able to walk longer and faster and I even biked 5 miles one day when I had already walked 2mi.  This is what I was hoping to do after I got my cast off!  I am so thankful that God has helped me to heal and get better day. 

So I was very pleased when I lost 3 pounds this week! 

Goals for Week 3: 
Drink more water and measure it for an average of 40 oz. per day. 
Walk 2.5mi each day and bike 5 mi on 2 of the 4 days.
Go to bed by 11PM each night.
Lose 3lbs.

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