Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Time Activity

One of the blessings of being home altogether for most of the time is to do fun things together.  One of my fondest memories of childhood is playing games with my mom and siblings or playing in the lake or yard with my family.  As a stay home family we get to do this more often. 

Our favorite game right now is Blockus! Rose bought this for the whole family at Christmas and we love it! 

Here is Hannah working on her first sewing lesson.  She was experimenting with the stitch width and length and turning corners.  She is excited because her Aunt Lorilyn is sharing a sewing video with her. 

Here is the first doll pillow she made.

Sarah working with her science kit.  We were doing step 1 of an experiment and discovered that we had to wait 24 hours to do part 2.  That was a bummer!  Finally getting to part 2 today! Btw, Sarah is going to save up to buy cooler safety glasses, but I think she adorable!

 Alpheus was playing guitar and the cat took advantage of this opportunity to nestle in the guitar case!  Notice Alpheus large pile of thick books by the bed!  We love books around here, especially old, thick books written by dead guys! :)  That is a joke for all the Puritan book lovers!

Mary making a dalmation doggy from the craft box.  This girl loves animals!

Lydia is not pictured, but this was her free time activity one day.  She asked for a Minnie look-a-like Webkinz fo Christmas.  She borrowed a fancy doll dress to make her Minnie look like the actual Minnie dressed in pink for the day! ;)  Can you tell Minnie was a reluctant model! ;)  She was a good girl even if she did make a face.

 This is how the pets of the house spend their free time!  Minnie loves to get as close to the wood stove as she can, even if it means lying on wood chips and the dust pan! LOL Marshall loves to lie under the clothes drying racks. 

I'll sum it up to say that Memaw was probably cooking or cleaning during this free time because she just loves that kitchen.  Of course she might also be watching a video on netflix!  I think we are finally getting our money's worth out of that subscription!  I was probably blogging or helping the girls as needed! :)

So thankful for our free time to do fun things together!

With All My Heart~

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