Saturday, January 7, 2012


January Goals:
Only $300 for groceries this month - $136.28/$300
Monthly coupon/valued customer savings = $14.08
No wasted food!
Stick to budget!
Track spending DAILY
Get checkbook balanced
Save $200 toward EF: $85/$200

2012 FV Challenges: Try New Recipes Challenge: 2/52, Menu Planning Challenge: 2/52, Grocery Reduction Budget Challenge, Change Jar Challenge: $27.74 as of 1-6-12, Lose A Pound A Week Challenge: 0/48, No Wasted Food Challenge

2012 Goals

1. To pay off CC (only $917.15 left!) and never again charge more than I can pay off each month.
2. Snowball the CC payment into Sears Credit Card bill (no interest) and get it paid off ASAP.
3. Snowball the CC and Sears card payments into hospital bill (due w/ Baby #2 via C-section in mid-January). Pay that off ASAP.
4. Snowball payments into DH's student loan (as of 12/4/11 there's still $4770.84 remaining). Pay off by 12/31/12.
5. Keep our grocery budget to $300 each month.
6. Use Dave Ramsey's budget sheet and get on track with this each pay period.
7. Get and keep checkbook balanced and keep an eye (weekly if not daily) on our e-statements.
8. Get savings account up to $8,000 (incl. emergency fund)
9. Make 2 Christmas gifts per month: 0/24.
10. Get our home organized: use a receipt book, keep my coupon organizer in check, have a touch-once policy for paper (touch once and then file or toss).
11. Achieve "give or get" goal of $1500 for the board I serve on by 9/30/12.
12. Taxes filed by March 17.
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