Friday, December 7, 2012

The Nutcraker - a birthday outing

We love to go looking for lights at Christmas time.  It was funny because it finally dawned on one of the girls that we make this a family outing but we don't put up our own lights.  When they asked why we don't, I told them that we just weren't interested in putting them up ourselves.  So kudos and thanks to all of you who do put them up! :)
We loved the VT on the roof! :)  Go Hokies!

This was one of the best houses we saw.  

Here was another really fun one!  

That night we were on our way to see the Nutcracker at Radford University.  This brought back some memories.  This was my third time seeing this in this building, but the first with my husband and daughters.  I guess probably my last with my husband. ;)

As usual we are super early.  It nearly filled up by the opening curtain.  The girls were all reading the description of the ballet acts.  Good thing, because there was no dialogue to explain anything.

All dressed up and enjoying the experience already!

There is Hannah!  This was the day before her birthday and 6 days before Sarah's.  It was an early birthday present which they both really enjoyed!

We were there really, really early so Daddy finally passed down his smart phone for some game time fun. 

The girls just loved these dresses! 

I want one!  I want one!

Pretty!  But ouch! :)

Another cute one of the boys dancing with the girls.

Now the adults have their turn.

Uncle Drosselmeyer with the special gift.

The wind up doll!  The girls really loved her.

All finished.

This was the first time I saw the wind up soldier as a girl.  Different.  

These were the guest Russian professional dancers.  They were very talented!

This was beautifully arranged.  The falling snow effect was a neat touch which marveled Lydia! :)

Very pretty scene of Clara leaving the pine forest after the Snow Queen and Snow flakes have danced.

All the RU dancers did very well!

Hannah thought this was a good photo but the red light was playing havoc with my camera.

These were Memaw's favorite pair.  They did a very good job.  

The Arabians dancers were very good too!

Unfortunately, this is when my camera battery died.  I guess it wasn't fully charged like I thought.  I really wish I had gotten pictures of the Mother ginger and the children!  They were so adorable with the clowns.

Overall, we all had a good time and ended the night eating at one of our family's favorite places, Macado's!  Happy early birthday to Hannah and Sarah!  We love you!

With All My Heart~

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