Saturday, December 8, 2012

We Have a Teenager! :) Hannah is 13

On Saturday, December 8th we celebrated both of our December baby girls birthdays!  Hannah turned 13 on that day and Sarah turned 12 five days later.  

Many times I write a blog about memories of their birthdays.  This year I decided to be a bit different and just blog about the day.  

The birthday celebration actually started the day before with the girls making their own cakes.  This year we decided to give them their first "friend" birthday party.  Normally we celebrate just with family but we figured the 13th is pretty special and we would let them have a friend party.  The girls made cupcakes for their friends and a single round cake for themselves.

We decided we would start the party with a game.  Since the girls are older I thought they might like a game of Win, Lose, or Draw.  I had to look it up on YouTube to convince them that it was fun. LOL  It was nice because even the littlest friends could play!

Sarah, Cheyenne, and Mary talking before the game.

Kimber, Ariana, and Aunt Lorilyn are ready to play! :)

Our neighbor, Jade!

Sarah's team not including Daddy who is taking the pictures.

Hannah's team, 

River has the best seat! 

I love this shot!

Daddy playing too!

Memaw too! :)

Mommy had some fun too!

This was an hour of fun.  We all hated to stop, but we wanted to have time for cake and gifts, so the lightning round decided the winner!  Congratulations to Sarah's team!

See the next post for more party fun . . .  :)

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