Sunday, May 26, 2013

Caboose Park

Hannah, Sarah, Lydia and Mary on the back of the caboose that sits in the middle of the park.  Not sure why they put it there, but it was a fun picture.

This past Thursday was such a beautiful day, and we decided to go to the caboose park to enjoy the weather since the girls were feeling better.  I took my camera hoping to get some great photos of the girls.  Unfortunately my battery did not charge like I thought.  So I didn't get any pictures of Alpheus playing soccer and frisbee with the big girls. Or any of Lydia showing her new friend all the things she could do on the parallel bars.  :(  But we still had fun!

This was the first place Lydia raced to climb and then pose. :)

This girl is happy when climbing.

Sarah offered to ride the tetter-totter with Lydia.

This is when my camera died.  

As we were leaving, Alpheus announced that we were going out to dinner to Macados!  
Me: "Who is the best dad in the whole world?"  
Big girls: "Our Dad!"
Lydia (who had not responded yet):  "God!"
Me:  "Great answer Lydia!  You are right."
Alpheus: "But you have to admit that only an omnipotent being beat me!"
Me (after I stopped laughing):  "You know this is going on Facebook."

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  1. So very happy you had this fun day together! Enjoyed the pics....would have loved to see the other ones! Lydia is very wise for such a young girl! Isn't it wonderful when God's word is instilled and resonates His love! All the hugs and smiles from these precious girls at church yesterday have kept my heart singing today, Hugs to everyone, Mom


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