Friday, May 3, 2013

Pre-Vacation 2013

When Alpheus and I were first married (nearly 15 years ago) dear friends gave us a plaque with our names and the meanings.  One of the meanings for Alpheus mentioned traveler.  It has been true.  If it was possible, every year Alpheus would drive or fly to somewhere new in this great country of ours.  If it were up to me we would probably never spend the night anywhere but at home.  If it were up to me, all of our vacations would be stay-cations.  I like being home.  I like having my own things and routine.

When we moved to Florida I wanted to do more traveling because I was coming back to see family (usually staying with my parents/sister) so it was like being at home.  Since we have moved back to Virginia we try to go see our Florida family every couple of years.  This was an off year so we were supposed to go somewhere else which is bittersweet.

Being a history enthusiast I am all for visiting sites for their educational purposes.  I almost had Alpheus talked into staying with his mom (shocked, aren't you?) and visiting DC every day for the week.  But Alpheus was feeling another calling - Atlantic sunrises, ocean waves, salty breezes, and sand between his toes.  (It probably didn't help my situation that we were planning for vacation during a very blustery, cold winter!)   I burn easily and I didn't really want to be at the beach when it was overly crowded with half dressed people in the middle of summer.  So we compromised and planned a trip for off-season May.  

Well, it does appear we will do some historical sites such as Kitty Hawk and some lighthouses near by, so I will be happy.  There are definitely going to be salty breezes and sand, but no guarantee that the sunrise will be visible this coming week.  So we keep reminding each other that God is in charge, and if we look for His Sonrise everyday, it will be a wonderful trip.

We are so thankful that Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie were willing to come along with us.  We also convinced Uncle Larry and Cheyenne to come too! (These are church family who we have particularly adopted! We love to adopt people if you haven't noticed!)  This will be the first time for Larry or Cheyenne to be at the ocean, as well as the first time our girls will be able to remember being at the ocean.  So this is a very special time and we are thankful to God for allowing it all to come together.

This is also the first year that I am not spending the late evening hours packing.  The big girls did all their own packing.  Hopefully there won't be any uncomfortable lessons learned through this! LOL  Seriously, it was so nice to pack only for myself and Lydia. 

Here is the trailer partially packed.  
If you read this and want to say a prayer for our safe travel and for Aunt Leah and her son Ben, who will be pet sitting for us, that would be great!  Looking forward to the memories we will be making on this trip.  Come back for the sharing.

With All My Heart~

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  1. Enjoy the trip.Will pray for safety; I am always a bit of a nervous traveler.


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