Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vacation Day 1

The girls were so ready to go this morning!  Really we all were!  11 people and all our things barely fit in the Sienna, the U-haul and the Flex.  But we managed to get nearly everything!  I wanted to take a picture of the full trailer, but I missed out on it before we were forbidden to even open it. LOL

After stopping a few times to adjust the chains which were dragging, we were finally off. The girls did very well considering being so cramped for so long!  Finally we were more than half way and ready to stop for lunch. 
They were treated to their own Big Mac, fries and drink which is a rare treat!  Then it was back in your places for the rest of the trip.  With Uncle Larry in the van, we were constantly telling jokes and stories and having a good time.  Mary was so cute asking for more stories.  Then we saw this truck.  It made me think of the video where they scare the passengers who were sleeping by making them think they are about to hit it.  No one was asleep, so we couldn't torture anyone like that!
We also played the alphabet game looking for the letters on signs, cars, stores, etc.  We managed to go through the alphabet two times before we were too tired.  Then we enjoyed seeing the coastal terrain which is so different from our part of VA.  It reminded us a lot of Florida except it had no Spanish moss and lots more grass. :) 
The girls were amazed at all the water.  Mary asked if the water was more than 7 feet deep.  :)  Then they were fascinated with the ships as well.
Then they were really amazed when the bridge went under the water.  I didn't get a very good picture of the tunnel, but at least I know what time it was. :)

Finally we saw the sign that were all so anxious to see. 

Then about an hour later we pulled up to our home for the week.  Looking forward to enjoying this view for the next few days.  This is really only 30 feet from the house!  So neat!
We praise God for giving us safe and enjoyable travel.  We are excited about worshipping tomorrow at the house together with our instruments and hymnals and probably a MacArthur sermon on line. :)
I will share more soon!  With All My Heart~
By the way, we did not eat at McDonald's twice.  I don't know why that picture posted twice and I can't get it to go away! Arrrrggghhhh.  Past midnight so I am going to bed!

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  1. Enjoyed day one blog! That truck scared me! hahahaha Loved the water pics and brought back memories of some trips with your Dad. Looking fwd to day two! Hugs from all of us~ Love, anonymous Mom!


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