Sunday, December 16, 2012

ABC Christmas Program 2012

 Here are the pictures from our Christmas program this year.  So thankful that Alpheus was willing and able to take stills and Dan took video.  Our story was called Papa Panov's Special Christmas by Leo Tolstoy which I adapted for the play.  The modern side of the stage represented a family reading the story one night before Christmas.  You can see Mary at the piano here.  She played jingle bells at the beginning as if she was practicing at home.  Then Hannah (seated on the back of the couch) read a poem she wrote for the play.  River was coloring a picture and I was the mom who would read the story.
The fluffly thing beside Papa Panov's rocking chair is Sarah's stuffed puppet dog that looks pretty realistic if we could see his eyes! LOL

Close up of Mary

Close up of Hannah reading her poem.  Do you see the cookie in River's hand.  They were treated to real cookies during the "family story time." :)

Papa Panov, the cobler, entering the stage.  The costuming probably could have been better (my fault), but Sarah was tickled to have Granddad Short's hat for a prop! :)

I didn't know she added a scarf.  LOL  My back is to her the whole time.

Here is Papa Panov reading the Christmas story...

And wishing Jesus would visit him.

River is pretty reserved on stage but she always looks forward to doing her part.  She is a sweet heart!

Papa Panov notices some cold street sweepers and offers them some warming coffee.  Well, in this case, hot chocolate was in the kettle.  Mmmm, yes the real thing.  Oops we got it too hot though and our actors can hardly swallow it between lines. :)

Ariana and Kimber did a great job!


A mother and her child also enjoying Papa Panov's hospitality.

Papa Panov gives his most treasured gift - the best shoes he ever cobbled.  

Notice Lydia is holding on tight to that hot chocolate! :)

Papa Panov sharing more food with the needy. 

After this portion of the program,
Cheyenne read the account of the birth of Jesus from Luke 2.  

Time for hand bells.  This is something our girls enjoyed when we were at Joppa Baptist in Florida. They love it!

Then Ariana read the most beautiful poem which she found that was a perfect end to the play!

Alpheus joins the girls for a cast picture.  The girls were glad to be finished and ready to party downstairs!

Thank you again to Rose Nobel, Ruth Moran, and Gwen Ekhaml for your help in making it all come together. 
 I am already looking forward to next year.

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