Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 2 at the Beach part1

I awakened to sunny windows and lots of scurrying feet in the floor above us.  I thought I must have overslept.  When Alpheus came out the door, I asked him what time it was.  "Nearly 7AM."  What? It is so bright!  Surely it is after 9:00AM.  Then I remembered that we are on the beach and you can see the sunrise! :)  Still, 7AM on Sunday morning.  But once my darling is up it won't be long before the smell of breakfast wafts through the air! 

After a hardy breakfast, we had an hour to relax before our house church service! 

Alpheus, Bob, and Larry were playing their instruments.  I need to get a better picture of Uncle Bob with his new baby, Gus.  We miss Woodrow (the 3/4 bass) but Gus is much easier to carry along.

At ten o'clock we rounded up the congregation for songs and prayer and a sermon on line.  We had the playbook on the big screen tv so we could all see the chords and words.  Then we watched a John MacArthur sermon on line that was really good on being a slave of Christ.  I highly recommend it! 

After church we all bundled up to go out for a walk on the beach.  Alpheus was very glad he brought his sweats and long johns! :) 

The girls were willing to be a little cooler so they could get their feet wet. Okay, well maybe they planned for more than their feet to get wet.  I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them, but I had a hard time staying in front of them!
 Cheyenne, Mary, Lydia and Sarah enjoying the cool water.
 Lydia running from the waves.
 Can you guess what Debbie and Rose were doing?  They were speed walkers and pretty far up the beach, but I think you can guess.
 Sarah getting ready to run.
 I ran ahead (literally) of the group to try to get the from the front.  Can you see the ice cream bucket in Lydia's hand?  Hannah had the smart idea of bringing it to collect shells.
Mary enjoying the surf and sun!
 I will post more later of our first full day here at the beach.  We are thankful for the sun and fun!
With All My Heart~

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  1. Wow, it looks like you all are having a great time! Worship service went well at ABC, but the weather here has slid to cold and overcast. Still, good amount of people and there were some visitors as well. I had to work and couldn't introduce myself (we ran a little later, so I had to go right away) but Lorilyn met them. I have heard John McArthur's sermon on being a slave to Christ before, and it is very, very convicting. Americans in this day and time have a hard time with the true concept of such a thing - I pray that we all will not only understand but will be drawn to follow the Lord in such a way...


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