Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 2 at beach part2

So the bad thing about waves during low tide is that they lure you out into the reach of the occasional waves that are too much for you and can pull you down or at least soak you well above the ankles.  I thought we had learned this lesson last evening, but some lessons have to be repeated or at least reviewed.  Thankfully no one was actually taken down, but let's just say everyone but the very cautious, had to change clothes when we returned. 


 This is my favorite wave picture.
 This is Rose's favorite.  She said it look like a frozen sheet of ice.

 Here are some shots of the gulls that were flying and sitting near by.  I tried to look these up to see what type they are.  I think they are Laughing gulls but I could be wrong.

 As we neared the house on the way back for lunch, this gull was hovering so close to the girls.  It was using the strong winds to glide in the air.  Alpheus determined that it must be waiting for us to feed it which makes sense.  I didn't see any signs about not feeding the birds so we may take out some bread one day.

 It was very neat to watch it hang in the air with the wind keeping it aloft.
 Here was another pretty sight on the beach!  So thankful for this precious couple!  We love you Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie!

 This wasn't really pretty as much as strange.  Anyone know what it is?  I don't think the white part below the sponge-like plant/animal was part of it.  I think it was a shell, but I couldn't investigate further before the waves rolled in and pulled it out with the tide.  That is Hannah's thumb as she was using another shell to touch and move it a bit.

Finally we were all dry and back at the house ready for some lunch.  Uncle Bob photo bombed the girls at the bar! LOL
 Here are the other two sweet girls ready for some food too!
 I don't know why my camera didn't flash, but this was the only close up shot I got all day of Memaw.  Precious times!
The rest of the day was spent napping, watching movies, playing games, reading and more walking on the beach and relaxing. 
  On the agenda for tomorrow: either the Wright Brothers museum, an aquarium, dinner at Captain George's, or just staying in out of the rain and playing Mexican train.  Maybe we will get it all in?  If you want to see, come back tomorrow. :)

With All My Heart~

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  1. Such great pics! I checked made me think because that "strange" creature/plant really had me trying to think what it looked like. Wish someone could come up with the answer. I am drawing a blank. I think I liked Rose's wave choice best but yours was a close second! Looking fwd to your blog tomorrow. This is almost like being there with you all! I love technology! Hugs and prayers, your Va cave lady!


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