Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vacation Day 3

You know you are having fun on your vacation when you get behind on editing and posting photos! :)  I know if I wait until I am back home I really won't make the time so I am trying to make the time while we are here.

We were supposed to have rain starting late Sunday night and lasting all day Monday, so I was surprised to once again wake up to bright sunshine.  After making the girls go back to bed until 8AM, we started off the day with another delicious breakfast followed by family devotions.  Uncle Larry brought a devotion book from the 1840's that we have really been enjoying.  (It is amazing how the human condition and God's character really are the same from generation to generation!)

After devotions we decided to take advantage of the pretty weather and do what we mostly came here for:  play in the oceans and on the sand.  It was an even nicer temperature than Sunday so the girls were ready to actually get in the waves.  You can see that it was still a bit chilly by Hannah's coat. (That comes off later though!) 
Yes it wasn't long before more than just their feet and legs were wet! :)
This makes me think of Karate Kid. :)  The girls were having a good time splashing and kicking.
It was hard to get all the girls in one shot.  I love that Mary was holding Lydia's hand.  Lydia had been knocked down a few times and was a bit nervous.  Mary was giving her courage. :)
I finally got them all to come up the beach for a picture.  Then it was time for some more beach fun.
Watching the planes and birds in the sky!
Flying kites in the strong winds!
Skipping rocks across the surf while listening to talk radio!
More kite flying!
Sand art! (Alpheus made the heart for me and I tried to draw the A + E in the middle.  It is the thought that counts.)

Building sand castles and moats!
Studying sea creatures we locate!
Even Aunt Debbie got in the water a bit.
Doesn't everyone climb poles at the beach?
Then Alpheus found this fish.  We are hoping this isn't the only fish they "catch" on this trip.

After playing for a couple of hours everyone was ready for some hot chocolate while waiting for lunch.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie then treated everyone to a visit to the aquarium which was big enough to be entertaining but not exhausting.  The people were really nice and the exhibits felt very natural.

I asked the girls to make a silly pose with the alligator.  It wasn't hard for them to comply! :)

We had just finished looking at the alligator and turtle exhibits when we discovered that a feeding show was starting in 5 minutes.  We were all able to get good viewing spots! Uncle Bob even video taped it so we enjoyed watching again with Alpheus and Larry who didn't go.

After the show, we moved on to a hands on science room where the children used stations to diagnose, treat and supervise the recovery of their turtle before releasing it back in to the ocean.  This was one of their favorite parts of this exhibit!

Next we went to the hands on exhibit of sting rays, star fish, and hermit crabs.  Most of the girls were brave enough to touch the "wings" of the rays and were allowed to touch the backs of the others, but no picking up!

The girls were getting a bit tired of waiting for a shark to come behind them for this pose. LOL

Just before the gift shop there was a hurricane tunnel.  For $2 the four girls felt winds up to 100 mph.  This was the only clear picture from that adventure.

Can you spot their purchases from the gift shop?  This was part of the outdoor areas of the center.

I was trying so hard to get all the lovely ladies that I forgot to include the giant turtle statue they are sitting on! ;)

It looks like Rose did the same thing! :)

Last but not least, we all headed out to dinner at Captain George's.  I haven't eaten at one since our honeymoon and the girls had never been to one.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie paid for Hannah to have the all you can eat buffet.  We told the other girls they had to wait until they could eat enough! This was Alpheus' first plate.  I lost count at 8 plates for him.  We all really enjoyed it!
After dinner we headed to Kmart so the guys could get their fishing permits.  The ladies of course did some shopping.  After this exhausting but memorable day we all headed to bed!
Can you guess what might be on the agenda for tomorrow?
With All My Heart~
 PS.  More photos will be loaded on FB later. :)

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  1. What fun memories you are all making together! Since I am NOT a seafood lover I would have had a hard time enjoying Captain George's! Did they have any chicken on the menu? hahahahaha I can't imagine Alpheus eating 8 platefuls! I did have some King crab legs that I enjoyed one time years ago! :) So glad you are getting all these pics and events recorded. I was hoping to see some from Kitty Hawk. Dad, Edie and I went there one year. We didn't get photos! :( We also visited several lighthouses but no aquariums.


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