Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hump Day! Vacation Day 5

Well so far I haven't see a true sunrise because I am such a night owl, but just seeing the water shimmering in the sunlight before breakfast has been a real treat!  It is hump day.  We are halfway through our vacation.  The day began like every other so far with sunshine, breakfast, and family devotions.  Then we decided to take a break from the water for a bit and do some sight seeing.  I was very interested in visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial since it is so close.

We really enjoyed touring this part of the museum which documented their journey from beginning to flight.  Then we headed into the part of the display with replicas of the glider and the plane they used.  There were about a hundred other famous pilots, inventors, and mechanics portrayed on the walls.  It was fun to read about so many.
Lydia posing near the working replica of the plane.  It was donated to the museum on the 100th anniversary of the flight.

Amelia Earhart was one of the familiar names for the girls.
Charles Lingbergh was another famous person the girls remembered reading about.
This part of the memorial is atop Kill Devil's Hill and it was a long walk to the top!  The video we watched said that because the Wrights' were anxious to try out the new plane before Christmas they decided to try to fly from the hill top.  The plan ended up being too hard to manage and it had to be repaired after crash landing.  It took them 40 minutes to push it up the hill.  I am thinking that is why the rest of the trials were done on the flat area near their campsite.
This was the workshop and hangar for the air craft.

This life size replica of the people and plane was lots of fun to pose near!  Check out my facebook page for the crazy poses.
After the sightseeing and some lunch at the house, we all headed out for some more fun.  Larry and Alpheus went fishing.  The girls wanted to play in the waves so of course I had to take more pictures. 
Bob, Debbie, and Rose headed off to see the Elizabethean gardens.
Then we all went to dinner tonight at the Miller's on the Waterfront.  It was really good.  I had the crab stuffed flounder.  Wow, I loved it.

 When we returned to the house, Alpheus decided we needed to finally try out that hot tub.  It has been so cold and windy we haven't tried it.  Of course once you are in it you don't mind the wind.  It is actually kind of nice because it keeps you from overheating in the warm water.

Then it was time for the computer people to catch up on emails, posting...

and games! :)
Well, please head over to my facebook page to see more pictures.  My bed is calling me! 
With All My Heart~


  1. So, did Sarah miss out on the hot tub or just being in the pics? Get one of the early birds to take a sunrise pic! Did Rose, Debbie and Bob get pics of the Elizabethean gardens? Wow, you probably won't desire any sea food for awhile after you all get home! :) Love and miss you all~

    1. Sarah missed that night, but she got to try it the next night. Bob took pictures because. Hopefully I can show some when he shares his picture file. As for sea food, well, I think I always want it. :) Love you too!


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