Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vacation Day 4

Again the day started with breakfast around 8AM and devotions after that.  Maybe one day it will be nice enough for us to have devotions on the deck.  So far it has been too windy.  However we are thankful because it has still been sunny each morning!

Since the guys bought their fishing permits last night they were anxious to give it a try and the girls were ready for another morning of waves and sand. 

Alpheus and Larry were the first to be ready to surf fish.  The object is to throw their lines past the breaking of the waves near the shore.  This was no easy task in the strong breeze and current.


 Here is Uncle Bob joining in on the fun!
 The girls didn't fish, but Hannah enjoyed standing with Daddy.

Alpheus' first catch was of the vegetarian kind. (sea weed)

Lydia working on her sand castle and moat.
 I tried to get them to play in the sand first before getting wet, but they just can't resist those waves!
 Mary working on her sand castle.
After lunch, I made all the girls lie down for naps.  They had played hard and stayed up late for the last 3 days so they were ready!  When we awakened, we put in the Princess Bride movie which was part of the collection here at the house.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon. 
Then we enjoyed a belated Cinco De Mayo dinner of steak quesadillas, mexican corn, and refried beans. Memaw also treated us to homemade chocolate milkshakes!  After dinner, the adults played Mexican train!
Tomorrow is supposed to be the prettiest day so far!  Looking forward to some new activities.  Still on the mental list:  Roanoake Island, A Working Farm, Botanical Gardens, a light house (not sure which one), more fishing, putt-putt golf, and more!
With All My Heart~

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  1. So glad that at least the sun is shining for you. We are having so much rain and lots of flooding in the area. Lillydell is doing fine so far. So thankful for God;s protection. Love the new pics and getting such a kick out of seeing those girls frolicking in the ocean. Did you get Gwen's emails about Emory? He was hospitalized yesterday and having test today. Please remember him and family in your prayers! Thanks so much, Mom


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